Life Coaching. Not just for loud Americans.

Before I started working with a coach I thought coaching was for rich Americans with loud voices, too much energy and first world problems.
I thought coaching was a super-luxury item that I would never dream of needing or having.

Not that I actually knew what a life coach did. I just didn't think one was for me. What would a chick from Shepparton do with a life coach?
"Just work it out on your own, dickhead."


This is how a country girl whose family has hit hard times would think. Battler mentality.

Work harder. Do more. Be grateful for what you get. Toughen up.
Work it our yourself.

Good strong Australian girl values, a belief system that reared a nation of hard-working, self-deprecating women.

This is the kind of belief system that held me back for the longest time. The kind of thinking I had no chance of changing on my own because I couldn't see it.

Limiting beliefs are the unchecked bank of thoughts that sit in the background running the show - or holding you back.


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