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Hi there, I'm Maree

Updated: Apr 23

I became a Life Coach, because life coaching changed my life. After every kind of therapy and course, I found something that actually worked.

Today I run an eclectic online and coastal practice, where I help woman do what they want to do, so they can transform their life too.


I trained and certified in the States - under the tutelage of Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach school in California and then later in Texas. 

I work with women like myself, creatives who love thinking, all or nothing lovers of food wine and cooking, human behaviour, music, dogs and the arts. 

 I specialise in coaching on buffers - or the Overs as I like to refer to them. Over drinking wine, over eating sugar, over eating flour, over thinking, overwhelm and over anxiety.

Buffers hold the key to our belief systems and how we get caught in ruts. The way we do one thing in our life is the way we do many things. 

As well as coaching my clients - I teach my clients Self Coaching Therapy, which is a curriculum of coaching I've developed to teach my client to coach themselves.

In my previous lives I received my Bachelor of Arts ( Acting) from The Victorian College Of The Arts. I have produced and directed over 25 largish Festivals and Events in the City Of Port Phillip, including the inaugural St Kilda Festival Live and Local program and the St Kilda Village Night Market. 

I've trained as an interior designer and stylist and have worked in both domestic and commercial settings. 

My last post BC Life Coaching was working as  Co General Manager in my husband's Iconic St Kilda club restaurant and bar Big Mouth. My work was in events, marketing, styling, branding and two interior design refurbishments. 


I cook and like to make a heaving table, I love Chardonnay and Grenache, flowers, fruit trees, preserving, making fruit chutney and second ferment kombucha. (Cherry, rose and saffron anyone? )

I love art and design and philosophy, and I am big into belief systems, spirituality and all the things unseen.

My loves of my life are my husband and dogs, family and a awesome group of women friends. 

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