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Amateurs have amateur habits. Pros have professional habits. How does the pro acquire professional habits? By training. Steven Pressfield Hello lovely, If you are a creative /artist/ daydreamer and haven’t read Steven Pressfield's Turning Pro - I highly advise it. Personal and professional growth requires your attention Transformation and change require your intention Middle Life invites us to change. Our body changes, our mind changes, our desires change. We change. And we can fight, resist, deny and ignore that invitation. Or we can embrace it. Too many women spend time trying to stay the same. Or worse still, use the past as a goalpost. As creatures, we are designed to evolve and move forward. And we are also programmed to stay the same. Possibility Vs Fear. So we get caught. We want to change. But we don't. But we look to the past for direction. So we stay the same. Wishing for change. And the consequence is: We let life slip by. We don't get to live in the excitement of the results of the change And we lower our belief about ourselves and our ability to change. So, how do we activate change? We change our relationship to change, by changing the way we think about change. See, most of us have been conditioned to think that change is about taking action. But change is activated by the kind of thinking that makes taking action feel good. Feelings motivate behaviours. Behaviours don't motivate behaviours. If you want to create change. Think about change, not about what you have to do, rather how it is going to feel. Here are some emotions I use to create change. Think about the change you want to make ( keep it simple) And find a thought that would make you feel… Daring. Strong. Enigmatic. Courageous Magic Bold. Compare these feelings with the ones you were using to try to implement your change. If you change your thinking relationship to change so that you feel magic, how nice is that? Totally different experience. It's a totally different outcome. Train your mind to think about change in a way that serves you. Embrace the change. Because there is nothing empowering about staying the same. Big Love Maree xx If you want to change the relationship you have with your life. If you want to learn how to un pick and unravel the beliefs that block the magic. Then come and talk to me. Identity, Destiny, Gifts & Blocks: Result focused self development coaching and training for women. Meet me here. Fully refundable.

Do you ever think about your relationship with your life? I don’t know who might need to hear this today. But I am fresh out of break, with literally thousands of kilometres behind me and I am so full of things to share with you that I hope, with all my heart, to offer you great (or little) insight in order for you to be like “Oh yessss, I love that, I never h

ought about it like that”, that I could nearly burst. With a month of miles of highway travel, dragging, a 10-a-tonne camp trailer around, making fresh cheese on the bumper, holding a fresh new human, cooking open fires, kissing sisters and seeing friends, has reminded me that this life is for us to experience. This life is for you to experience. This life is for you to experience. This life is for me to experience. But we forget! You forget. I forgot. We get pulled down by the day to day doings that we forget the reason we have been given this skin suit, meat jacket, body of bones and blood attire to live in. We forget that this human costume we hire, for this life span of ours is so we can have a 3D relationship with the life we get. So we can feel. We can feel in our body, what the mind conjures.

We can have Ideas that give us feelings in our body so that we can be moved by the energy of emotion in order to take action, create and fulfil and feel the experience of the idea that came to us. But we forget………… that this is the relationship to life and that is available to us. And I have to say. Along the way in pre-holiday state I too, was caught in a false belief that my life had its own life, and I was just tagging along. Now I know that this is not true. But I was tired, and I forgot. But, now I am fresh, and I remember. So let me do some heavy lifting for you. In case you feel tired and sore. In case you forgot that you are in a very special, unique unto you, relationship to life. Know this! You are meant to be here on this earth. And you are meant to cultivate all the experiences that you dream of. All the ideas that flutter into your pretty head are meant to be bought to life. You are meant to create life as your signature dish. The way you think about your life creates the relationship you have with your life. Life wants you to be engaged with her. She wants to be in a deeply fulfilling relationship, rich, supportive and abundant relationship with you. She can’t wait to see what you can do with her. You can have a magic relationship with your life. If you decide you want your life to be magic, you will create a life that is magic. You will expect it. You will be surprised when it’s not. You will be indignant. You will say, "HEY, life, that’s not right, what are you doing? You have the wrong address." And as if by magic, she, life, will realise that she is attending the wrong human suit, and she will disappear. And in her place, magic will return back to you again, and all will feel right again just like coming home after hols.

And so to this! If you are struggling to believe this. Or you are noticing thoughts that separate you from believing that this kind of relationship is available to you. Then I can tell you that this is not your truth. You are in an infidelious relationship with your life. And you must get out. There is no reason for you to stay. So much more awaits. You deserve the life you can think. And you have access to the life you think. For sure, I have said enough. Did I rant? I might. But all from a place of love and your potential delight. But I will add. If the kind of unsalacious unbelieving thoughts are yours - please let me show you how and why this is terribly untrue for you. Big Love Maree xx If you want to change the relationship you have with your life. If you want to learn how to un pick and unravel the beliefs that block the magic. Then come and talk to me. Identity, Destiny, Gifts & Blocks, for women redefining the path of their life. Meet me here. Fully refundable.


We have ideas, imagining and muse whispers.

They inspire us.

But then we let them go. We don’t breathe life into them. We overthink them. We try to get it right, and we let them pass.

Why do we do this?

It frustrates us all. So why do we do it?

As women bought up in a patriarchal culture, we have learnt to value doing more than feeling.

That’s what we were taught at home, at school and professionally.

Thats what we believe. Thats what we measure ourselves against.

How much we have done. And how it will be received.

But it doesn’t work for women. It doesn’t work for us.

Creation - giving birth to an idea is a feminine process.

So when we want to create something, we have to do it in a feminine way,

And that is not to focus on the action - the doing ness and how it will be received,

The feminine way of creating is to focus on emotion.

We need to ignite our feelings to get the doing to flow.

The doing is the delivery.

It’s a process. It’s not the main event.

Our thoughts create our feelings, and the energy of these two things facilitates the doing.

Before the doing, there is always a feeling, an emotion that comes from the psyche, which is our imagining, the ideas, the dreaming.

From this mind picture comes the soul.

The emotion, the feeling, the essence of the imaginings.

Only when this work is done can we begin the doing.
This is how women create in their genius.

And I'm not just taking huge projects and life events.

Im talking from the most humble of visions, like getting to yoga or writing a post.

Because the doing that we sweat so much about just happens, when we allow ourselves to work like this.

When we work in a creative process as we are supposed to, action just flows.

How do I know this?

Because I have watched myself trapped in this non creative creation cycle.

For years.


Frozen in the belief that it is all about the doing and the delivery.

Wretched just trying to motivate the doing while disconnected from the creation.

Notice how completely masculine just doing it sounds?

When we are focused on the doing we are also focused on the receiving.

And it's this deadly combination that stops us creating.

When I am consumed by getting something done and how it will be received.

I lock up.

I literally get knocked off my creative centre and hoodwinked out of trusting my intuition.

Let me put it this way.

When a woman gives birth to a human baby. What environment is that baby going to flourish in?

Is it the doing, the birthing process?


The birthing is the passageway for creation to happen through.

The creative work that will drive the inevitable birthing process has happened way before.

Thats what gets done in the incubation period.

The 9 months it took to create.

The birth is obviously a critical part of the process, but it’s not the thing.

The baby, the creation is the thing.

It’s the same with what you dream of creating.

Without the incubation, there is nothing to deliver.

The problem is when we are in creation, our mind skips to delivery (action focusecd and receiving ( other people's opinions)

When a child is born a mother knows she has to go through this part of the process to birth what she has created.

But she is not focused on how the birth will be received.

She is just focused on the energy of what she is delivering and on being the vessel to safely deliver her creation.

She is not worried about what other people will think of the child. ( Death Mother is a topic for another day) The focus is on the child.

Can you see where I am going here?

We have to do the same with our ideas, imaginings and muse whispers.

We have to incubate the emotion that calls us.

We have to cultivate the image that feels us.

We have to incubate powerfully and intentionally.

That's where we need to spend our time.

And then we have to master focus on the energy.

And then the birth will come.

And if we trust the process, then we can trust what we put into the world is perfectly enough.

Because I can tell you true to that, a woman can not create with magic, purpose and majesty, focused on the doing and how it will be received.


Allow yourself to dream and imagine. Freely. Create.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions that your thoughts think about what you want to create.

Find the quality of focus. Like a needle through a thread.

Stay in the energy of the emotion.

Think about the doing.

Pull your mind back when goes to think about how it will be received.

Find the focus.

And allow the energy of your thought and feeling to give you instructions on what you need to do.

Find the trust.

And keep dropping into the focus.

When it's done. Gratitude for the process.


for what you have done.

Written by Maree White.

Maree is a women's coach and Midlife Rites Of Passage guide. She teaches and coaches women to use the tools of the psychic, emotional and intuitive realms that awaken within us at midlife. Her work has helped hundreds of women shed the conditioning and belief systems that were preventing them from living in truth, full throttle gift and mature feminine power.

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