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If you feel disconnected from your life, or you are questioning who you are and what you want, experiencing unexplained loss, lack of direction or you are struggling to feel relevant, and purposeful, or you feel disillusioned.

I understand you.

If you feel a calling inside you, but you don’t know how to react, don’t know what to do with it, you want to move, but feel held back, you are suffocating, silenced, silently screaming, internally weeping. I am with you.

I see you, so little, so tucked away; I see that inside you are so big, grand and so magnificently huge; you are so big we need a tower to look at you in awe.

And I see you too, even though you are big and people think. You are big!

But I know you feel as tiny, as tiny can be - so little inside, little, tiny, little, you don’t want to take up any space. Because if you did….everybody better


I can feel in you that empty space; you want to scream but you are scared of the echo.

You want to spit but your tongue is dry.

I am you.

Bring to me your unrest, your displacement, your crushedness… your un belonging; bring me the space where your life is trying to be.

I feel you.

You are not alone. This is me, this is many.

I’ve got you. Say what you have to say.

So much you have to say.

Uncage that bird!

Untether her kite!

Back the f**k off, she's taking flight.

Oh yeah, happy Tuesday lovers.

Wanna do your life chart?

Wanna let her rip?

Change your life.

The biggest barrier you have to overcome to get you taking action to create a life that's truly yours is your belief system.

And I know that even that line - is the first barrier I have to get through to you so that you can hear what I have to say.

Your belief system like mine has been fucked with.

As women or people that have been socialised as a woman, the limits put on our belief systems are vast.

I see it every day.

I see how women living under the influence of belief systems that make living a life true to themselves, especially mid life women...


The problem is our belief systems are built on unchecked thoughts. And we don't know that they are there. We think that life is just the way it is.

Well, it's not.

I have so many thoughts I want to share with you. To help you check in with what you think.

I am going to start with mid life thoughts. These are important. Because if we don't check our thinking here. We will be governed by the patriarchy we have internalised instead. And that is ugly, disempowering thinking that we don't want.

As a start, here are 8 thoughts I want you to try on.

I want you to say them to yourself.

And I want you to notice how you feel when you do that.

What does the feeling do to your body? And why?

Notice, what you thought before? And how does this feel instead?

8 new thoughts you want to believe about mid life that will help you change your life.

  1. Our mid life, perimenopause and menopausal journey is a rite of passage.

  2. The physical symptoms we go through is Mother Nature telling us to slow down, listen and connect.

  3. Parts of us have had to die, so other parts can come alive.

  4. Periods of darkness are part of the incubation process.

  5. This is the time when a woman rises.

  6. Everything we need is already in us, our mid life work is to reveal it.

  7. We belong to a new generation of powerful midlife feminine thinkers.

  8. Mid life women are healers.

Big Love Maree

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#menopause #perimenopause

This is for you.

This is not for someone over the shoulder.

I am speaking to you.

Because you need to hear this.

You have gifts, you have great magic gifts.

Wild impossible to hide gifts.

"I can't see them."

"I can't feel them."

"They are not here."

Gifts that you have shut off from.

This is what happens.

When your gifts aren’t witnessed.

When your gifts have been witnessed and ignored by someone you love.

Someone that you admire.

A mother.

A Father.

A Teacher

An Aunt.

The space they left.

When they left you hanging.

When you spoke.

Or you showed.

They saw.

And they said nothing.

A little girl.

A delicate bud.

You got fallen.

You got hurt.

What were you to do?

You wanted to make sense of it.

You wanted to make it ok for the lack of witnessing

For the lack of grace of the witnessee.

You did the best thing you knew how to do.

Because you had the power and the insight.

To make it ok.

For them.

So you swapped pride for quiet.

And shame came in.

In that waiting empty space where all you should have heard was applause.

Came nothing.

You should have been raised to the ceiling like champagne in crystal glassware.

But no one said nothing.

But you tried to make it ok.

For them.

For him.

For her.

For them.

And you covered your gifts with shame.

Cut yourself off from your gifts with the shame.

But you know what I see ?

What you can't see.

That shame cant hide your gift.

Your magnificent gift.

The gift that sits waiting.

For permission to be realised.

Waiting to be seen.

I see you and I see the gift.

I can also see the shame.

They were wrong.

They were blind.

They were jealous.

And you can be free.

Because you and your gift should both be free.

I’ll be your witness.

All your gift needs to be set free.

Is the breath of the witness.

Fwoosh, fwoosh, fwhoosh

Listen. Shhhh.

Let your shame leave.

And let your gift rise.

This is for you.

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