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 6 Emotions to use that make change feel good.

Amateurs have amateur habits. Pros have professional habits. How does the pro acquire professional habits? By training. Steven Pressfield Hello lovely, If you are a creative /artist/ daydreamer and haven’t read Steven Pressfield's Turning Pro - I highly advise it. Personal and professional growth requires your attention Transformation and change require your intention Middle Life invites us to change. Our body changes, our mind changes, our desires change. We change. And we can fight, resist, deny and ignore that invitation. Or we can embrace it. Too many women spend time trying to stay the same. Or worse still, use the past as a goalpost. As creatures, we are designed to evolve and move forward. And we are also programmed to stay the same. Possibility Vs Fear. So we get caught. We want to change. But we don't. But we look to the past for direction. So we stay the same. Wishing for change. And the consequence is: We let life slip by. We don't get to live in the excitement of the results of the change And we lower our belief about ourselves and our ability to change. So, how do we activate change? We change our relationship to change, by changing the way we think about change. See, most of us have been conditioned to think that change is about taking action. But change is activated by the kind of thinking that makes taking action feel good. Feelings motivate behaviours. Behaviours don't motivate behaviours. If you want to create change. Think about change, not about what you have to do, rather how it is going to feel. Here are some emotions I use to create change. Think about the change you want to make ( keep it simple) And find a thought that would make you feel… Daring. Strong. Enigmatic. Courageous Magic Bold. Compare these feelings with the ones you were using to try to implement your change. If you change your thinking relationship to change so that you feel magic, how nice is that? Totally different experience. It's a totally different outcome. Train your mind to think about change in a way that serves you. Embrace the change. Because there is nothing empowering about staying the same. Big Love Maree xx If you want to change the relationship you have with your life. If you want to learn how to un pick and unravel the beliefs that block the magic. Then come and talk to me. Identity, Destiny, Gifts & Blocks: Result focused self development coaching and training for women. Meet me here. Fully refundable.

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