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Thinking of hiring a coach?

Well, here’s a way for you to know.

You make a start on what you are trying to achieve with a new approach and new intention. (Usually every Monday)

You get momentum, and it feels good, but then something comes up, or you lose focus, or you forget, and it stops, or you stop.

And that opens the gates for you to start thinking about what's wrong with you and the way you do things, so then you try to fix that, and before long, you’re in the old, overthinking rabbit hole.

You’ve probably tried a lot of things to unravel this knot.

You probably have frameworks, post-it notes, new strong promises, epiphanies and a couple of affirmations in your arsenal.

You’ve listened to mountains of great podcasts, read heaps of 8 ways to……. books, and have plenty of ideas and lots of opinions but nothing that actually sticks or changes.

So you might feel frustrated, deflated, and possibly knackered.

And rightly so.

This was me for a good part of my "self-governed life".

But if getting to what you want to achieve is more important to you than ever before.

And you know there is something sticking in your psyche - emotional - energetic make-up that holds you back.

Then you are probably ready for coaching..

Being prolific in the area of goal creating and getting is just a blindspot.

And because you can't see blindspots.

You end up working on the wrong thing.

And you waste time.

And instead of living in the goals you achieve, you spend time working on the goals you want to achieve.

And that's like licking a picture of an ice cream.

Blocks are real. Shifting them feels great,

And if you like the idea of that.

Then, you are ready for coaching.

Reach out. Don't go it alone, and don't waste any more bloody time.

Get a coach who can listen, show you your blind spots and get you moving effortlessly and enjoyably into your goal.

And if you are going to get a coach, make sure your investment is maximised-get a coach who coaches and then shows you her tools so you can do it on your own when you’ve finished working with her.

Because that’s priceless.

Well, guess what?

I am SHE.

Through my own coaching, systems and teachings, I shifted from feeling like a battler caught in a pub fight into a good beat on the dancefloor.

When it comes to supporting you to work out AND get what you want while defining yourself in the process -

Nobody will do it for you like me.

So if you want me - to be your one-eyed - sage- fan girl -teacher-cheerleader- coach. Pick me.

Still unsure? Find out FOR SURE. I would love to meet you in a session to chat about what you want to create and where you think you are blocked.

We'll do that in your goal-mapping chat. And because I want you to feel so safe about making decisions that will change your life.

I am offering you ( t`ill September 15th ) this code, which, instead of paying $133.00 you'll get it for free.

But not for long - and sessions will go fast.

Enter code: Mareespeople

*only for newbies that haven't had a session before.

I will see you in the Room.

Big Love

Maree xx

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