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fantasy - oh it works.

Our brain has trillions upon trillions of thoughts to think. So why do we limit ourselves to dull, repetitive, domestic, mission brown thoughts? Habit? Conditioning? Fear of disappointment? We do not have to be limited by our thinking. With our thoughts come our feelings and energy and the impetus to do things. Thoughts are the paint, the colour and the mood of our life. They say that our microbiome needs lots of food diversity to flourish. I say the same for our thoughts about our lives. We need good, juicy, productive, naughty, daring, bold and wild thoughts. Thoughts that keep our mental biome ravishing. When we think beige, we get beige. Here is my Tuesday offering. Lets have some playful thoughts. Fantasy You. Good morning, lover. Your eyes flutter. Open gently. ( No mascara glue.) You stretch luxuriate in the morning sun thats streams through your window/billowy sheers/treetops. Your morning is filled with gentle rituals, it's yoga, incense and oils. Mediation and insight. Downward dog, and flattering tights. Herbal tea in a pot. A fresh, short espresso in an Italian cup. Calm and Zen. But you work. You love work. Glide to your car. Birds sing louder as you pass. Dressed beautifully you breeze into your office/studio/artspace/foyer. Everyone is so glad you’re here. You have the answers, you are leader/ energy /the vibe. You hold court you hand out advice and direction like jewels from a pouch. The noters take note. You are good. As busy as you are. You always make time to Nurture Self.. At a small chic cafe/restaurant/spotonyourdesk you enjoy a light, refreshing lunch. A poke bowl/sashimi/reiki mushroom. Your slow, methodical, Ive got time on your hands chew. You are restored. (Poise, no scoffing and nothing in your teeth.) The second part of the day is conceptual/development/riffing Everyone waits your lead. Young things hang off the words you say. You are dazzling, purposeful, enigmatic and kind. (Yes very kind.) The evening sees you change. Change shoes, shake your hair out and relip Couture, simple, elegant and defiantly hard to get. Tonight you are speaking/showing/hosting. The room is full, the smell over overpriced Lillies drift past your nose. (Familiar, but always a delight.) You inspire/engage/glow. So easy. So arrived. You nod. At the applause. A glass of champagne. (Yes, one.) You say good night. And leave. Behind you a surging seas of sighing ohhhhs and ahhhhhs. Home. As you walk into your expansive apartment/beachouse/loft/countryhome. You greet your dogs/husband/wife/poolguy. Joy/appreciation/lust abounds. The night closes in as you remove your makeup with your expensive/organic/natural cleanser and you notice how dewey you look. After meditation/chanting/hearbaltea/ you pull back the fresh crisp terracotta/dusty pink/white sheets and snap off the light off with a contended/annticiatpoty/lusty sigh. Tweak that for yourself. Big Love Maree xx ;) Three days left to take me up on the free goal life chat ( usually 133.00) You are a story waiting to be read. Enter code: Mareespeople

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