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I see you. Gifts & Beliefs

If you feel disconnected from your life, or you are questioning who you are and what you want, experiencing unexplained loss, lack of direction or you are struggling to feel relevant, and purposeful, or you feel disillusioned.

I understand you.

If you feel a calling inside you, but you don’t know how to react, don’t know what to do with it, you want to move, but feel held back, you are suffocating, silenced, silently screaming, internally weeping. I am with you.

I see you, so little, so tucked away; I see that inside you are so big, grand and so magnificently huge; you are so big we need a tower to look at you in awe.

And I see you too, even though you are big and people think. You are big!

But I know you feel as tiny, as tiny can be - so little inside, little, tiny, little, you don’t want to take up any space. Because if you did….everybody better


I can feel in you that empty space; you want to scream but you are scared of the echo.

You want to spit but your tongue is dry.

I am you.

Bring to me your unrest, your displacement, your crushedness… your un belonging; bring me the space where your life is trying to be.

I feel you.

You are not alone. This is me, this is many.

I’ve got you. Say what you have to say.

So much you have to say.

Uncage that bird!

Untether her kite!

Back the f**k off, she's taking flight.

Oh yeah, happy Tuesday lovers.

Wanna do your life chart?

Wanna let her rip?

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