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Eight New Mid Life Thoughts To Believe

Updated: Apr 17

Change your life.

The biggest barrier you have to overcome to take action to create a life that's truly yours is your belief system.

And I know that even that line is the first barrier I have to overcome so that you can hear what I have to say.

Your belief system, like mine, has been tampered with.

As women or people who have been socialised as women, the limits put on our belief systems are vast.

I see it every day.

I see how women, especially midlife women, are living under the influence of belief systems that make living a life true to themselves.


The problem is our belief systems are built on unchecked thoughts. And we don't know that they are there. We think that life is just the way it is.

Well, it's not.

I have so many thoughts I want to share with you. To help you check in with what you think.

I am going to start with Midlife thoughts. These are important because if we don't check our thinking here, we will be governed by the patriarchy we have internalised instead.

As a start, here are 8 thoughts I want you to try on.

I want you to say them to yourself.

And I want you to notice how you feel when you do that.

What does the feeling do to your body? And why?

Notice what you thought before- and how this feels instead.

8 new thoughts you want to believe about midlife that will help you change your life.

  1. Our midlife, perimenopause and menopausal journey is a Rite of Passage.

  2. The physical symptoms we go through is Mother Nature telling us to slow down, listen and connect.

  3. Parts of us have to die, so other parts can come alive.

  4. Periods of darkness are part of the incubation process.

  5. This is the time when a woman rises.

  6. Everything we need is already in us; our Midlife work is to reveal it.

  7. We belong to a new generation of powerful Midlife feminine thinkers.

  8. Midlife women are healers.

Big Love Maree

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