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We have to believe we are magic.

- Olivia Newton John - Magic - Xanadu 1980 -

Your thoughts are the language of your belief system.

We can't think in a way that serve us at the highest level when we don’t understand the belief systems that churn away in the background.

Symptoms of a non serving belief systems.

Behavioural - Action based - Somatic symptoms.

  • Procrastination

  • People pleasing

  • Overcompensating

  • Defending - defensiveness

  • Sense of separation.

  • Feeling like a victim - seeking a perpetrator.

Emotional Symptoms

  • Anxiety

  • Overwhelm

  • Unworthiness

  • Inadequacy

  • Anger

  • Fear

Limiting belief systems create caricatures of us.

We believe thoughts about ourselves that take us away from the truth and beauty that is intrinsically us.

Limiting belief systems allows the ego in and makes us act in a way we think it’s self defence.

But what it really is, is an act of personal betrayal.

Make no bones about it.

Many people die under the illusion of life as told by limiting self belief.

I'm not going too and neither should you.

It’s time to shake that shit up.

Get to the core and pull out the roots.

Clear out the cobwebs and let go of the past.

There is a whole undiscovered magnificent you hiding out under there.

So come on with me, I'll hold your hand, lets pull her out.

Because you are soo damned good under there, it's totally mean of you not to share : )

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