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storytellers lens

Scroll stopping photography & styling for bnb holiday stays.



" The pictures look absolutely fantastic."



a cut above the rest.

Attracting the right guests is part of the trick.

It's a big deal when you are ready to present your property to guests. We know how much thought goes into all the little details. Is the couch right, do we need another rug, or are there too many cushions and not enough tea?

The next and most important step is getting guests that fit. Guests that can see themselves making memories in the home that you have let.

Light and Shadow


Storytellers Lens offers photography and art-directed property package for owners who want to get booked with guests that are a great fit.


Guests looking to book a holiday are looking for something unique, a place of character with energy and vibe. They are looking to connect with a property that says,'thats us." A place where they can see themselves making memories.


Unfortunately, great properties have lower occupancy rates because the home has been shot through the lens of real estate photography. So instead of capturing the charm, quirks and nuances of your property, you get generic, soulless photos that don't speak to potential guests.

At Storytellers Lens, we create and capture the spirit of your gorgeous holiday home in a way that makes it truly appealing. 

We want to find you the perfect guest that finds your property the perfect fit.


 It's a simple as that…

about us.

Ray Ray and Ramona are two women who, over a meal and possibly a margarita, saw a need and decided to fill it.  

Ray Ray has her own gorgeous Airbnb and Ramona loves to stay in gorgeous Airbnb’s so between them, they realised they could help Airbnb owners show precisely what they had to offer in their own little corner of the world.  

Bnb photographer & stylist

from $750

Packages options include:


Styling & Props

High & low res shots.

Hero shot

Social media ready shots.

Drone aerial shots.

Location /Local attraction shots.

Queen Bedroom Head board.JPG



Let us know where you are and what you want. Call or set up a time to chat via email. 

0419 952 322



We capture the feeling and style the shots.



You are ready to be booked

" I absolutely love what you girls have done. Our place looks fantastic. Love it."



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