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"One session with Maree can completely transform your

understanding and perspective of a problem."



The first step in working with me is to book an initial consultation. 


I will coach you and we will work on a specific area of concern for you so you can have

a breakthrough and get a feeling for the work I do.

We will also discuss what is going on for you and a path to move forward if it feels right for you. 

Click on the links to book directly.

Initial Consultation $110.00 + gst

Initial Weight Consultation $110.00 (Please fill out questions when you book.)+ gst

Heart Centred Thursday Discounted Sessions $80.00 + gst

Standard Consultation $110.00 + gst

 Wellness Package 6 sessions 550.00 + gst

Grounding Session $110.00 + gst

Signature Programs:


Life Chart & Mapping: $1200.00 + GST 

A comprehensive life-transforming decluttering, clearing and 25-year

mapping process for women over 40. 

Duration: 12 weeks or 6 week intensive.

Somatic Weight Loss Program: $3000.00 + gst

Comprehensive weight loss intensive.

Daily accountability, full support and access to me.

Three months. ( Book a Weight Loss Consultation First) 

Six months - POA

The Fast $500.00  + gst

Full support for women and men wishing to enter a supported fast. 

Fasting is a powerful practice and one that brings health and longevity to life. 

If you are interested in fasting for mental, spiritual, emotional or physical benefits this is for you. 

Consultation costs get credited against program purchases.