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Consultation Session

60 minute Zoom session.

Initail call to work out what you want to achieve and the process we will use to get there.

$122.00 + gst

Grounding Workshop

1.5-hour session & debrief. Notes & recording supplied. Preparingsituation or occasion: IE Job interviews, pitches, presentations or conversations.

$280.00 + gst

50ish - Signature Process

My most popular coaching process. 6 months of intensive support for women looking to make significant changes in their life. Full VIP access.

Planning session, 16 working sessions,  3 follow-up sessions, video teachings, notes, recordings and phone support.


6 Session Package

A good way to try working with me or for returning clients.

$660.00 + gst 

Drop In Session

55 minute Zoom session

Returning Clients wanting support, clarity, a sounding board or just a life focus refresh.

$122.00 + gst

Body Mind Work

Full access and accountability coaching process for women and men wanting to change the way they eat and drink.

3 month $3100.00+ gst

6 month process $6000.00 + gst

If you would like to speak with me before booking a Consult Session, I happily offer a free 15 minute call. 

Call or text me on: 0419952532

Or email me:

Consultation costs get credited against program purchase.


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