I can help you lose weight.

But we will not be doing it with willpower.

I coach women who have struggled with their weight for years. 

Woman who are exhausted and fed up failing with conventional weight loss methods. 


I show them a way that’s easy,  intuitive and in alignment with living the way a modern woman lives. 

With me, their weight loss is inevitable.

And repeat after me, we do not use willpower to lose weight.


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My name is Maree, I am a Weight Loss & Life Coach. 

The women I help have usually tried every diet, pill, shake, class, packet and program the conventional diet system has thrown at them. 

They think that their lack of willpower is the problem and that's why they can’t stick to anything.


They are usually mentally exhausted from over-thinking their weight and confess that they think about losing weight daily and even hourly. 


Many of my women feel conflicted,  on one hand they feel like they should just get over wanting to lose weight and learn to like themselves.

But on the other hand, they feel like that’s a cop out and they hate the fact that something as "simple as eating and drinking less”, has them feeling so out of control.  


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"Maree's coaching went above and beyond my expectations throughout the entire process.  Our thoroughly entertaining and nurturing sessions delivered compelling, educational, invaluable information.  
My life has changed. My weight went from 86kg - 71kg. 
I feel more in control of my future than I’ve ever been."

ST KILDA. Australia