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"100%, life changing. Like, really, really life changing."

1:1 personal & professional self development coaching & training for women

Midlife is so much more than night sweats and dry bits.

I believe the physical, hormonal and emotional symptoms we experience during midlife - menopause are Mother Natures way of slowing us down so she can get our attention.


She wants us to shift our focus from our external world to our internal world. It's an invitation to listen to our heart and find our calling.

Menopause is Mother Nature's braking system.

Because if she didn't slow us down, who would?

MIdlife is a journey of self-discovery; It's about finding out who we are, what we want and working through the blocks that stand in our way from having it.

And my work is to help you do that.

 Hello, I'm Maree White and I coach women who have arrived
( or sometimes crashed) at the midlife crossroad wanting guidance, support and direction to navigate the changes they want to make to make in order to make the rest of their lives better. 

And when I say better, I mean like really better. A life that is easier, bigger, truer, more joyous, more fun, richer, more content, fulfilling,  creative, in service, of integrity and more hilarious. 

And how do you do that?

Well, you cannot find out what you want for your life until you understand what blocks you.

And what blocks you is your belief systems.


Belief systems that stop you from being: 

Prolific with your writing. 

Starting a label.
Getting the job of your dreams.
Meeting the love of your life.
Promoted and making lots of money. 


How you believe in yourself changes who you are, and what you think you can have.


Learning to believe in yourself is the foundation of my coaching work.
And that's what
 I teach women to do.


And there is nothing more important for you to you learn.

How do I know all of this? 

I crash started my  Midlife Journey when I was 40, with the death of my mother, a black eye and me asking what f8ck is wrong with me? 


That auspicious start took me on a wild ride into and amongst many other things, lead me to coaching, which is for me all of the things above I've just listed and more. 

                                              Want to know more?

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The woman that come to me, recognise that Midlife is a turning point. And they are looking at their lives, what's been and what's to come and they want to take control of their destiny. 

They want clarity, direction and support. They want to learn to do things differently. They want to get out of their own way, they want to understand who they are and why they do things and why they don't. They want to feel better about themselves, they want to remove the blocks that prevent them from expressing themselves and being creative. They want the confidence to follow their heart and create GREAT things. 

They want their Midlife Journey to be a celebration of who they have become. And they want to make it happen NOW.

My work is to help them do this.  And if you are still reading this, I can help you do this too.

                                                         Is this for you? Find out.
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Midlife is a Rite of Passage.

In ancient cultures and in many indigenous cultures, the Midlife and Menopausal transition  is celebrated as a profound rite of passage. Rites of passages are transitional journeys into transformation.


Your Midlife rite of passage is significant to the changes you go through mentally, emotionally and spiritually as you leaves you mothering phase ( nothing to do with children) and you move you into your Crone phase ( Mature feminine ) phase.

This rite of passage has three stages for you.





Separation: Is the start of the process, it begins with a call to change. It can start with a significant life event,  death, relationship break up or illness and depression, or it can come as an internal change such as questioning yourself, your life or your purpose. 

Transition: The mental, emotional and behavioural changes and challenges you must work through within the circumstance that you are in order to evolve.

Transformation: Arrival and integration. The gift of doing the work, of letting go of the old and bringing in the new. The experience of living in the results you have created by going through this process.

How will coaching help me change?


You have probably dabbled in self development work, perhaps books, courses, podcasts, retreats, other coaches in order to create change. 

The reason most self development work doesn’t work is because when you do it on your own, you can’t see your belief systems and blind spots.

Your brain, and your thinking processes are blocked by your conditioning and natural aversion to change.


When I coach I am working with your mind to find out where your thinking is in the way of what you want to achieve. What is invisible to you is visible to me. My work is to show you a perspective that you can’t see, but when you do, you can't unsee.


Coaching is fast, powerful and liberating. Being coached is fun.

There are two element to the way I work as a coach.

The first part of the process is my coaching process - as above, where I  coach you.

And the second part is my self coaching process. This is where I teach you my coaching tools, so you can  coach yourself. This is to support you in your life when our work is finished. 

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