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1:1 life focused self development coaching and mentoring for women wanting help with direction, change, making decisions and moving forward.


Win a private workshop with me valued at $150.00

Take this questionnaire for me a win a free 55 private workshop session with me to work on any of your answers below.

1- Copy the questions below into an email.
2 - Answer them.
3 - Email them back to me

The first 10 questionnaires submitted will get an email from me with a booking link and a gift code. 


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What is your biggest desire when it comes to what you want to create for yourself and your life, and the person you want to step into to make that happen over the next five years of your life?

How do you imagine your life would change specifically if you understood precisely what stops you from making this happen?



What have you tried before to create a result in this area, and what was your experience?


How high of a priority is this transformation/shift for you? Why?



Tell me about the last time you struggled with this in your everyday life. What happened?



How did it feel?



Have you ever worked with a coach or mentor to help you identify your blocks before?



What was your experience like?



How much would this transformation be worth to you money-wise?



What are your biggest hesitations when it comes to hiring someone to help you in this area?




On a scale of 1 to 10 how confident are you that a solution is possible? Why?

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Hello and welcome

Did you know that there are a couple of free and low cost ways to experience having me as your coach & supporter?
You can sign up for 50ish, which is my weekly email newsletter. This gives you access to my free trainings and replays.
And every month of the year, I offer a FREE self-development session.  These online gatherings are held on or near the new moon and are designed to help develop your gifts, intuition, thinking capacity, self-awareness, decision making and taking action skills. The goal is for you to take something from each session that helps you feel clear, held, energised or understood ( or all of the above) as you move forward into the month ahead.
It’s also the place I call out for volunteers to try any new works, techniques and programs on.
And as a creative, I am always developing ways to take my work deeper and more effective. Events and retreats are on my path this year, so you’ll be first to hear and be offered to participate in those as well.



"This coaching and the coaching you do Maree White, goes is beyond anything I could have ever conceptualise
I guess I never really recognised that the blocker for me in various areas of my life is a sense of not being adequate or good enough."


I don't give a *** if it sounds like a cliché. It’s the honest truth,  working with you has been such an amazing journey and to have such beautiful grounded support.I have had to reestablish myself,  I knew it was within me, I just didn’t know how just how to access it.

"I can’t recommend ANYONE more highly. Maree is fun, super smart, unpretentious and someone you can immediately feel comfortable with...... She is a world class coach, hire her."

"The work Maree does is amazing, just **cking hire her." it.
"I had given up. I had no motivation and no hope that my body would ever change. 
But the way Maree teaches, her approach and the program, it's like nothing I have ever encountered,  she has literally changed my life."

"Midlife is a time to challenge your thinking and essentially design how you want to live. Through midlife and beyond. Maree was my rock during a difficult period of transition for me. Maree helped me develop a way of thinking that, in its most simplistic form, made everything okay. More profoundly I challenged my beliefs around self-worth and self-acceptance. I become curious about my thinking and how my thinking made me feel."
“My whole life has changed, transformed. My relationships have changed, not just with my partner, but with people around me and my community. Work, most definitely, and that goes into the relationships I have with people at work and the clients I have at work. Working with Maree changes everything. I really see by changing my thinking, I can achieve whatever I want to." 

A"fter the year or two I’ve had, we’ve all had, working with Maree was an exciting no brainer and my gut feeling was spot on.  Three weeks in and I didn’t realise just how much I was going to potentially alter my life!  Jump in with both feet!! "

"Maree is a world class coach."

"I now get to literally choose how I want my life to be, or more accurately, who I want to be, with Maree by my side I now know how to achieve it.  I have identified many limiting beliefs, most of which were a big shock, and I no longer wallow in procrastination and fear."

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