Mid Life Change


There are three main questions I help people answer:


Who am I now?

What do I want?

What's in my way?

Powerful life changing questions when answered with clarity will change your life.




50ish is Maree Whites specialised 1:1 self-development coaching course for mid life humans working out who they are, what they want and how to make it happen.

"You are never limited by your situation, only by your thinking."


Arriving into middle life should make you feel like you've got tickets to the hottest club in town.

But maybe you feel like there might be something missing? Like you’re meant to be doing  something else, there’s more for you, but  “you can’t put your finger on it?”

Perhaps you know what it is but it just feels out of your reach, maybe you’re trying, but you just keep getting the same results? Like it's groundhog day? 

Do you struggle taking action because you are in overwhelming indecision? 

Does "hot mess" describe a good day?

Do you gape at the chasm between what you say you are going to do and what you end up doing? 


Instead, it can feel like arriving late for breakfast after a big night out.

Your middle life transition is a profound turning point. It is the most powerful time in your life to work out what you want, who you are and how to make it happen. It is your time to lay the foundations for a rich, connected self expressed life for the years to come. You have all the knowledge and experience you need, you just need to begin. 


Exhausted and uninspired it's just another thing to work out your own.

The problem is after 40 when you have been doing life in the same way with the same brain for such a long time, it’s hard to see your blind spots. Without a second set of eyes, it’s easy to approach this new life chapter with the same limited thinking that may have held you back in the past. 




Hello I'm Maree.

I am a Life Coach and Mindset Coach. I work with people seeking answers, looking for direction and wanting support as they lay the foundations for fabulous middle life experiences.

The only thing that stands between you and the life you want is the way you think. Everything you do and the results you create are all caused by the thoughts you think and the beliefs you keep. You are never limited by your situation, only by your thinking. 

I teach my clients how to think differently.

Most people think their results and their experience in life is limited by their situation or circumstance. The truth is our limitations come from our thinking.

Our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions inform our actions and actions deliver our results. 


By showing you how to think differently, I can show you where you are blocked, I can help you move through your limiting beliefs and self doubt that may have hampered you in the past.


With a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective, you can emerge from this work confident, connected and in full self expression, knowing exactly who you are, what you want and how to make it happen. 




I can’t recommend anyone more highly than Maree, working with her has changed my life. She is a world-class coach."

B. Keys. Photographic Artist


"Maree's style of coaching was amazing, I instantly felt comfortable and was able to be 100% open to the whole experience.  I couldn't recommend Maree enough, the whole experience has changed me."

N Hayes. Hair Stylist


"I love her, she is amazing, Her work is life changing. I had no idea how my thinking was limiting every area of my life. Her mindset work is mind blowing and life changing."

J. Hills. Editor