The way we have all been told to lose weight


Are you still trying to lose weight like your mother taught you?

Have you spent years trying every diet, pill,

detox, regime and fast known to man?


Do you blame yourself for not being able to lose weight because you think deep down there is seriously something with you?

Then you, my friend have come to the right place.

And I am the right woman to talk to.



"Maree's coaching went above and beyond my expectations throughout the entire process.  Our thoroughly entertaining and nurturing sessions delivered compelling, educational, invaluable information.  
My life has changed. My weight went from 86kg - 71kg. 
I feel more in control of my future than I’ve ever been."

ST KILDA. Australia

Hello there. My Maree White. 

 I am a Weight Loss Coach and Life Coach.

My approach to weight loss looks nothing like conventional weight loss as you would know it.

Thank God. 

I teach my clients to use their brain not their mouth. Weight loss has to happen in the mind before it can happen on the body.




Are you embarrassed to find each year your weight goal remains the same?  If only you could lose that extra 15+kg that came and never seemed to go away?

How many times have you started a new diet, eating plan or new set of restrictions?


How many detoxes, Tough Mudders, how many memberships, yoga pants and runners have you bought in a bid to lose your weight? How many shakes, weight loss programs, fasts and diets have you tried over the years?

How many times have you blamed and harassed yourself for not having will power or self-control? How much time do you spend thinking about wanting, needing and having to lose weight? In a day? How many times have you asked, what the hell is wrong with me? 

Did you buy bathers this summer? Does your skirt ride over your bum when you walk?

Do you dress quickly in the morning knowing that anything you put on will work?  Or is there a tangled pile of clothes on the floor because everything you try, you hate?  


The Journey is my private, one on one weight loss coaching process.  A weight loss program developed from my own weight loss and wellness journey. 

Based on psychology, cognitive behaviour, body science & mindfulness, the work is an immersive life-changing journey into the psyche unlocking the blocks and limiting beliefs that keep us pushing our weight loss goals out of our own reach.

The weight loss transformation that seems so elusive has to happen in the mind before it can happen on the body. It's the only way.

A lean body you love, a transformed mind and the

exhilarating knowledge of how you got there. 


Excess fat on the body, overeating, and over drinking are symptoms not the cause. The cause of these symptoms is our thinking.  

Conventional weight loss is an external process. It is a series of disconnected actions trying to treat the symptom.  Manipulation of the fat through exercise and calories.

This is like trying to build a house on sand.  Weight loss is an internal process. 

The single conflict we face when we try to lose weight

is trying to bridge the gap between what we think and what we do. 

We all think we know our own minds, we run our lives,  our families lives and our business based on how we think.  So we have to trust our minds and our thinking. 

However, when it comes to losing weight we have deeply programmed default settings that block us all the way.  Some of these settings are neurological (behavioural) some are hormonal (can be adjusted) but most of them are just our own conflicting thoughts and belief systems that have just never been questioned.  

Unchecked beliefs and thoughts play in the background of our lives the way a soundtrack narrates a movie.

We are so close to the problem we just can't see it. But this is what stops us. 

This is why weight loss is such a personal struggle. 


"I am currently working with Maree (it's 2 months now July 2019)

and it is the first time I have ever worked with a coach.
My initial concerns were would it would work, would she actually get me, would I actually open up and be honest with her, then, of course, could I afford it?

 (Turns out I couldn't afford not to)
I am thrilled beyond belief with my results, where we have gotten and where we are going.......not just in weight loss - which has been remarkable, but in all areas of my life.  

  I would encourage you to reach out to Maree.
She is amazing..."



I begin the process with you by correcting the metabolic damage that will have been have sustained through years of repeated attempts to lose weight. We do this using food as medicine in a simple stripped back way so the body can access the fat stored on the body for energy, as it was originally designed to do.

This process connects you to your natural hunger signals and rejuvenates your energy source.  It reduces inflammation, stabilises insulin, unblocks leptin and ghrelin and creates supreme metabolic efficiency.  We get your body working for you. Not against you. 


The stage is then set for the real journey to begin. The Journey into the mind. This is where we expect your resistance and rebellion to surface. This is where your mind will push against you and where you learn to push back. I will guide and coach you. I will take you through everything that has stopped you in the past. This is where conventional dieting fails. When willpower dissolves. This is when you will get to experience the power of coaching first hand. 

Through this process, you will become deeply aware of everything that stopped you in the past. It is here you will learn to navigate your own mind.  Understand why you think you can't do what you want to.

You will discover how you view and interpret the world around you, and how it has impacted your beliefs.  And how this has kept you in self sabotage. This powerful mindset training will show you how your thoughts affect your feelings, your feelings drive your actions and how your actions ultimately determine your weight loss results.

These are the blocks and the patterns that have kept you stuck in the past.

This is the gap between what you want and what you have.

You will experience unbelievable clarity and power as we begin the bridging process.


You will emerge from the process with a  strong mind and a lean body. 

 Possibilities that were once unlikely probabilities will unfold as you experience your life free of trying to lose weight.