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Midlife women are ready for change.

And that means we need the freedom and space to work out what we want next.

We know this time in our life is significant. We have to make it count. We have to use it to redefine who we are and what we want to do in this next phase of our life. 

The problem is finding the time, focus and follow through to work out what that looks like. 

Because we already have so much on our plate.

>>Running the house.

>>Building the business.

>>Managing parents. 

>>Wrangling kids.

And as far as priorities go, the easiest thing to let slip off the list is what we need to do for ourselves. 


And that's a shame.


The opportunity midlife offers can pass us by.

We miss our calling.

As you probably know, the desire for change is strong.

We have to listen. It's our instinct and it's there to guide us and tell us what we need to do. 

It's the time to work on our life, so we get to live in it.

It's time to do the work, clear the path and make dreams happen. 

It's time to get a little.......



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"My Selfish Quarter with Maree has absolutely changed my life.Having hit my 50's I already had some self awareness as I had been working on ‘myself’ for some time BUT I was unprepared for the experience to be so much better having a coach to keep me focused and teaching me things I didn’t know I needed to know. " 

Selfish December 2021

Selfish is a fully supported one on one private self-development coaching course for midlife women who want to make life happen. 

What do you want? 


When we ask this question our brain goes wild. We see all the possibilities, our dreams and our desires. It's magnificent for a moment until it's not.

Because the brain goes into overwhelm and starts to get "realistic" or "reasonable". 

And the book you want to write, the trip you want to take or the career you want to retrain for drifts off into the distance.

And it would be nice, but possibility gets kicked out by probability and that moment of inspiration is reeled in by exhaustion. 

And seemingly real thoughts like, I don't know where to start, I'm not sure, it all a bit hard, roll in.

And then the phone rings, and someone needs you to do something, and you'll think about it later because right now you are more about surviving than thriving. 



This is your brain on autopilot.  It thinks it's protecting you, but it's actually stalling you. And you want to catch it before it takes you down. And you'll miss it. Your beautiful life, your calling and your opportunity to find your purpose.

My name is Maree, I'm a midife coach & I'm here to help you find your way.

I am the coach and founder of Selfish. Selfish is the name of my private, one on one coaching and mentoring course where I help women create and believe they can have a life they really love.

This work came out of my own experience of rebuilding and recreating myself and my life after my own midlife crisis.

It’s the support, mentoring, teaching and direction I wish I  had of had to save me from many years of unhappiness and unfulfillment.

It's the self development, mindset and belief work you need to fast track you into the best and most expressed life you can imagine. 

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"As your coach Maree is with you as facilitator and guide. She is part teacher, part cheer leader, part rock star! You will feel held. Midlife is a time for transformation.

Selfish December 2021

We are a special generation of midlife women. We are a product of two distinctly different eras.

We are influenced by the past but we have our focus on the future.

We have more opportunities at midlife than women have ever bad before.

But there are influences in our thinking that hold us back.

We have been socialised to think about ageing in a male dominated culture that values youth and beauty over age and knowledge.

There are blind spots and blocks in what we believe is possible for us and in our life. 

But I know how to change that for you. I can teach you to think differently. I can show you how to see what's possible for you and your life in a way that will change you forever. 

Work with me & begins with three big questions.


>>Who are you?

>>What do you want?

>>And what's in your way? 

And our work together is finding your answers. 

We work together on your life focused on you.  We define exactly what it is you want to create, and we get to work to make it happen. 

 I will teach you to look at yourself differently.

I will show you your mind as you have never seen it before.

I will be your outside eye.  I will show you the source of your limiting belief and emotional blocks. 

I will show you how to believe in yourself. I will teach you how to find your deep emotional confidence. I will teach you how to tap into your truth and show you how to find your midlife superpower.

There is nothing that we can't clean up, resolve or transform.


And along the way, I will teach you how to self-coach.

I will show you how to manage your mind. 

And how to own your emotions.

I will give you all my tools and you will use them for the rest of your life.

"I teach women how to think in a different way that shifts the way she sees herself and her potential."

"Midlife is a time to challenge your thinking and essentially design how you want to live. Through midlife and beyond. Maree was my rock during a difficult period of transition for me. Maree helped me develop a way of thinking that, in its most simplistic form, made everything okay. More profoundly I challenged my beliefs around self-worth and self-acceptance. I become curious about my thinking and how my thinking made me feel."

Selfish December 2021

My successful women.


Write books, have exhibitions, produce movies, leave husbands, find lovers, change careers and change body size.

They find relief, get happy, learn to relax and enjoy slowing down.

They stop people pleasing, procrastinating, gossiping and overreacting.

They clear things up, sort things out, they become grounded and feel self expressed.

And it's not because their life changes, it's because their mind changes.


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"I now get to literally choose how I want my life to be, or more accurately, who I want to be, with Maree by my side I now know how to achieve it.  I have identified many limiting beliefs, most of which were a big shock, and I no longer wallow in procrastination and fear."

Selfish December 2021

There are three things successful women know that I will teach you.

1 Successful woman have time.

They know how to get time. They know how to make time. They know how to think about time in a way that serves them.

One of the biggest challenges women have when it comes to getting what they want is thinking they are a victim of time.
I don't have time. I can't get the time. I've run out of time.
Successful women learn how to think about time.

2 Successful women know how to decide.
Successful women know that not deciding is a con. Being undecided is a form of procrastination.
Not deciding is spinning.
A successful woman has learnt how to decide. .

3 Successful women invest in themselves.
One of the things women of our age are trained to do is to look out for a bargain. But that comes at a cost.
Ever bought two for the price of one? Even though you didn’t need the one in the first place?
Knowing what good value is understanding the return. 
Successful women invest in their education. 

"This coaching, and the coaching you do Maree White, is beyond anything I could have ever conceptualised." 

Selfish December 2021

One Selfish Quarter:  One Whole Year.

This work is highly personalised and tailored to suit each of my clients. However, the structure of the work is as follows: 

+ 20 Minute  Live Application Call.

 This is where we talk about what you want to create and to see if we are a good fit. Coaching is not for everyone. 


+ Mapping Questionnaire & Extended Mapping Session.

We start with a detailed questionnaire which you prepare for me. This is where we work out what it is you want to creates.


+3 Months Private One On One Coaching Sessions.

 This is where we do most of  the work. These 45 - 55 minute sessions are both   teaching and coaching calls.   We work exactly where you are at.


+6 Mentor Calls.

These are 20 minute calls for you to use as you need them when you need them.


+3 Quarter Calls

 Quarterly progress calls after   we finish our three-month in intensive coaching work to  check in and see how you are  going. 


In addition to our private work. You get personalised session notes and audio recordings of every session. 

You have access to me as you need. 

I also do live masterclasses and groups training. You have access to my video teachings to support you and your self coaching your work.

I also guarantee my work, you can ask about that in the consult call.



Are you ready to find your midlife success?

Are you ready to work out what you want and how you want to live? Would you like to know what your journey will look like working with me? 

 This is a free 20 minute interview call with me to discuss what you want to achieve. 

Places are limited and will go fast. 

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 "I had no idea what working with you was going to be like. I could not in a million years have guessed what it was like to have your own life coach, the idea had never crossed my mind. I felt very supported by you, I felt like you had my back. Being able to speak openly about how I felt about my relationship and not have to worry about protecting anyone was very liberating. This has been a life changing experience for me, thank you."

Selfish December 2021

"I can’t recommend Maree or this program enough and I’ll be doing another Selfish Quarter in January. "

Selfish December 2021