One simple trick.

Motivation or lack of, is something everyone who has tried to lose weight is familiar with.

Last week one of my clients wanted to work on motivation, specifically her lack of motivation to walk.

She knew walking was great for her mental and physical health because in the past, when she had motivation to walk, she always felt amazing. She loved the space it created, all that uninterrupted thinking time, time for her to focus and clear out her head clutter.

But, even with all those self discovered benefits she was not able to get motivated to walk. She felt confused to why it was such a struggle.

Why did she spent hours thinking about how much she she didn’t feel like going?

Why did she always find excuses? And then feel guilty and pissed at herself for not going?

It's such a common situation, with a simple solution once you know what to look for. We needed to investigate the thoughts creating these feelings.

We knew she didn’t want to walk, we needed to dig deeper and find out what she really believed about walking.

My client liked having a set walking route: The route she took had a hill at the start and at the end. To get to the beach, she has 65 steps to traverse, on the way she had to encounter a clump of dark scrub and bush that made her feel uneasy. It was was mostly a quiet track and it made walking a lonely experience.

Her walk was making her feel tired, uneasy and lonely. No wonder she wasn’t feeling motivated.

When I asked her why she took this route she said walking has to be long and rigorous if you wanted benefits.”

So with that thought exposed we were able to look at how else she could think about walking.

What we came up with (eventually) was “I cold love my daily walking routine," from this thought and her feeling of excitement she was able to create a walk that she would love could look like.

So now she drive to Fishermans Bend, parks near a busy cafe. She walks along Whytes beach which is open and wide and she feels safe. It's a dog walking beach, and she loves dog, so she gets to meet lots of dogs and owners along the way. The beach is a long flat stretch that reaches out in front of her - she gets lost in thought as she walks and often loses track of time.

By changing her thinking, she was able to generate feelings and take actions that created a result that really served her. She was able to transform her relationship with walking

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