Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This is what Russel Brunson taught me about money and it's something I share with women who are sitting on the fence about my program.

Now I really understand fence sitting, because I was the same until I made my first investment in a coach.

When I look back now and think about how my life would have stayed, I shudder. I see coaching as investing my money in my self.

I see it more valuable than my university qualifications. Which is why I have and always will have a coach.

Money is a tool. It is something we exchange for value for something else we think is more valuable than holding onto to the money.

The thing is we never know for sure, that's why we have fear around money.

We can never know for sure until we buy.

So the question ends up being - would you exchange your money for the result of your weight loss?

When you clear that up it's easy. It's yes or no.

The money that you are thinking of spending is disposable income. Not mortgage/food/bills.

Meaning you'll spend it till it's gone. We all do that because our disposable monies replenish

However, because of our fear around money we often spend in small amounts - wasteful amounts, so we don't have to make a decision and deal with our brain - or the fear it's creating.

Once you understand this concept, then you can make decisions as a choice, not a reaction.

Money replenishes but time does not - so that should always be a part of that process.

Habits are really hard to leave. So putting off losing weight is what you have been doing in the past.

The indecision around putting off weight loss is a habit. It's familiar to your brain, which is why you haven't done it. It's just your brain putting off something it fears.

And while we like to think we know our mind and trust our decision making. When it comes to weight loss, we know for certain it hasn't been working.

So, if you think I am the right coach and the way I work feels right, and you are ready to get your results.

We should do it.