Catastrophising - worst case scenario. A self fulfilling prophecy.

Let's have a little fun, at my own expense. I’m going to teach you how a little bit of drama can go straight to your thighs. 

We think that dramatic thoughts are true. Dramatic thoughts are real - but not true. This is very, very important to understand

How many times have you allowed your mind to go on a fanciful journey into the worst case scenario? 

I was going to stop eating anything fried this week. But I don't know what happened. It's like I have no self-control. I actually think there is something wrong with me.

Catastrophising - letting your brain search or the worst case scenario.

Earlier this week, I was doing some back end work to my mailing system - let’s be honest, when I say back end work, I mean trying to work the fu*8ing thing out. 

And instead of improving an aspect of my business - I linked the wrong list to the wrong email and sent out a couple of hundred emails with old content and no subject. (Sorry if that was you)  

Then I spent the next couple of days watching and waving to people as they left my list. (Not my people anyway) Then my brain started. What have F8ck have you done? You don't know what you're doing. You really have no idea. What a waste of time.

Can you imagine how those thoughts made me feel?

So how did I react to that feeling? What any respectable business owner would do. I put my head on the computer and sobbed, a nice big, juicy, self-satisfying sob that echoed around my office. Body shaking, indulgent sobbing. (Note to self, it kind of felt good, maybe do it next time when there's nothing wrong)

But I caught myself mid-sob, whaaat….. what are you doing?

I had to think for a moment, what was I doing?

Aside from ruining my makeup,  I was catastrophising.

I was letting my brain look for the worst case scenario it could find. And as soon as it found a sniff of evidence, it latched to it like a kid to a tit. But let me tell you as soon as I realised what I was doing. I cut that right out.

Do you know why? I have learnt!

Every time you think a thought like that, you are creating a fear based emotion in your body.  Emotions drive our actions and behaviours. So when we believe thoughts that create negative feelings, we react to those feelings. By doing something that makes us feel better.

What might that be, do you think ladies?  Yes, eating and drinking. Lots of eating and drinking, The kind when you stop, you find the bottle's empty and the chocolate's gone.  It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. It becomes a catastrophe. 

Catastrophic thinking in many ways is comfortable for us.

The brain likes drama, that's why we love soap operas and country songs.  It's also why we like gossip and bitching.

When the brain goes off damaging itself with worst-case scenario thinking, we feel compelled to soothe our self (take action) with something that feels good. And pretty rarely is it a yoga class or a run around the park, if you get my drift.

We own our thinking. You have the choice to believe your thoughts, Because they are real. But not true.

Catch catastrophic thinking before it settles on your thighs.

Have a splendid week.