This week I want to share with you the idea of the Compound Effect. This has been really helpful to me.

I'm sure many of us would have heard our parents advise us to save our pocket money because "it all starts to compound".

Like most of those oft-used phrases, there is wisdom to be found.  The Compounding Effect is worth understanding. Once you do, you'll begin to notice where it's already in action in your world AND where it could become a powerful tool for you.

The Compounding Effect is the net result of actions (or inactions) taken over a period of time. It's an accumulative result.

When I write these emails or post on Facebook or Instagram it's not a big deal.

A few people notice, comment, click a heart.  Which is all lovely but there's no awards.  It doesn't go viral and create instant success!

Regardless, I keep going...bit by bit, post by post.

And all those 'bits' are compound until at some point in the future I'll have written over 100 newsletters and 500 posts and will have reached 10,000 people with my message.

It will be a compounding effect over time.

The thing is, we want the big results and we want it now.  The big win, the big offer, the big weightloss.  We are so impatient. 

But it doesn't happen like that.  It's paying attention to the daily, seemingly insignificant, actions that give us the result.

The Compounding Effect.

Think about Tim Tams.  Say you eat a Tim Tam everyday - one today, one tomorrow - you won't see any difference, right? But a year later, it's going to have made an impact.  The same can be said in the reverse.  Say you decide to eat just half a Tim Tam everyday instead.  You won't notice weight loss today, nor tomorrow, but a year later, the compounded effect of each of those daily, small decisions will result in a difference in your weight. 

Do you often think about starting something on a Monday? 

How many times have you broken away from your intentions and said to yourself "I'll start on Monday?"

How many starting-on-Mondays add up to a year?

52 How many years have you been saying "I'll start Monday"?

What's the Compounding Effect there?

The thing about the Compounding Effect is that it's subtle...which is as much a good thing as it is a bad thing. 

It's bad because it takes faith and patience to discover the results.  BUT it's good because it means you can use the Compounding Effect to make small, seemingly insignificant changes work powerfully to your advantage!

To put this into action:

See what you want to change, make the decision...and show up. 

Just show up. 


And again.

And again.

And see how easy it is to collect the bounty of the ever present Compounding Effect.