One of the most effective tools I teach is how to allow and urge.If you can learn this tool, you are going to lose weight.

Urges like a lot of feelings feel urgent, making us feel like we have to react or act on them. When we are in the process of losing weight. It’s the feeling of URGENCY to put something in our mouth that we act on that screws up our results.

But is we dig in and look at the thought that creates that feeling - we can get some authority over it. We can look that feeling in the eye (so to speak) and ALLOW it to be.

Here's one of my favourite examples It’s called Froggie.

One of my previous client owns a beautiful coffee show up North on the East Coast.

They serve beautiful food, home baked goodie and delights. She describes the shop as nose heaven.

In one of our session she confessed to eating a chocolate frog. She said, I couldn’t help myself. She explained it like the devil stepped into her body and acted on her behalf.

This is what happened.

There was a chocolate frog on her counter and she thought.

I’m going to eat him.

The feeling that thought created was rebellion - she was on her protocol.

She picked the frog up and ate it.

She thought the chocolate frog made her act.

Poor little guy.

So we dug in and found a couple of thoughts and discovered the feeling of urgency was coming from a thought around being on a protocol. Those thoughts were creating the feeling of rebellion and rebellion made her act. Made her eat the chocolate frog.

It had nothing to do with the magical power of an innocent chocolate frog.

My client was amazed that the frog made her feel like that. Once she had that insight, She was good. She still saw the chocolate frog everyday. But was able to get authority over it.

She was able to allow that feeling of rebelliousness to be there without acting on it. Nice huh.

If you are able to be aware of your feelings - and urges you are able to create space so that you can stop reacting to them and start allowing and processing them.

We you can confidently process emotions you stop running away from them. We can stop the need to shove things in our mouth.

When we aren’t afraid to feel, everything is done with courage.

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