Nicole Kidman. Oprah. Hugh Jackman They all have one.

This week I thought I'd talk to you about about what a life coach actually does. And why you might gain from having one.

What is a life coach?

A life coach dosen't tell you what you should do. A life coach holds a mirror up to your thoughts so you can get a different perspective on what you are thinking.

A life coach asks questions to help you discover what's really going on in your brain - to find out if what you are thinking is serving you.

A life coach will listen to what you think you want and help you understand if it's really what you want.

My style of coaching is all about thought awareness. We act and feel based on what we are thinking. And we have 60000 thoughts a day, so learning to be aware of how and why do we chose the thoughts we do is the path to obtaining the results we desire.

A life coach helps you move towards the life that you want. By showing you how to clarify your goals and look at the stops along the way. It's an intense focus on what's working for you and wha's not. And it's a specific process to help you choose what you want - more quickly and more directly.

When you work with a life coach you don't have to sift through information that may or not be relevant to you.

The work is done with complete focus on your brain, your circumstance, your thoughts, your feelings and your results.

Most people that come to a life coach have read or done some form of self development. And there is lots of great material out there - but it is really hard to sort through the information thats relevant for you. And also, when you work on your own development you are viewing information through a biased lens. And we all have blind spots - you can only see what you can see. And the pitfall to that is that you keep attempting to get to the same destination by following the same path.

Get rid of the try, fail cycle - it creates a self perpetuating culture of doubt, hopelessness and negative thinking.

I found life coaching - as a student of life - not looking for a career.

I was looking to stop a gap. To understand why I hadn't fulfilled my potential, why I was behaving in ways I didn't like, why I want able to break habits I knew were keeping me stuck and how could I get out of my distressing try and fail cycle.

It fills the gap between knowledge and results - having a life coach and applying that work to my life showed me how and why it was the most powerful way to implement change and experience transformation, where I was stuck.

So ironic that working through my own issues - I found my own path. I am dedicated to coaching - I believe in the value of focused self development. As the way to step into the next best version of self. As the way to find true self happiness.

An actor has a director and orchestra a conductor and a write an editor.

I hope this helps clarify why you would or wouldn't consider a life coach on your journey. If you are interested to learn more. Im your gal - send me an email and we'll talk more.