Updated: May 20, 2019

My mother passed away in 2011.

And it has been the most profound death in my life to date. Not just of how much I loved her, but how much her death taught me.

Relationships don’t have to die when the person we love, leaves this earth. In fact, that relationship can develop and blossom into something deeper and more profound.

All of our relationships are created in our mind. How we think about someone creates our feelings. Those thoughts and feelings are how we relate. That is the relationship.

My Mum always used to say, pets will break your heart. I knew what she meant intellectually, but it wasn't until I had my own dog, that I really, really got what she meant. When I look at my dog and experience feelings of love, it is a passageway that leads me to Mum.

My understanding of her compassion and insight deepens. As does my clarity around her protection for me, her pain for what one day would be mine. When I think these thoughts, it intensifies my love for her. And my understanding of her as a human. My relationship develops. She is not here, but our relationship develops.

I love thinking like this. I love the idea that I am getting closer to her as I get older. That because I live on - so does she. Because I think, she does too.

Our relationships live in our mind, so they can't be taken away. Not even by the master.

Today, as I do on her birthday and other days when I want to be close to her. I go and lie on the ground or the floor somewhere where I can see the sky. And I just open up my mind to her. And let the sky narrate. Have a beautiful day with your mum, where ever she is.

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