Knock Knock! It's the Drama Queen. Put the kettle on.

I thought I'd write to you about drama - it's an on point topic at the moment amongst my coaching colleagues and my clients.

When we set goals - if we've done them well. It is inevitable we will be overcome with goal drama.What!!!!! What is Goal Drama ? I hear you say, checking for symptoms.

 Goal drama is the thinking process that goes on once you set a goal. It's the drama that you create in you mind by setting a goal that your brain dosen't yet know how to achieve. So fear of not achieving and fear of not knowing the how.

But if you allow it and you can be present to it. Goal drama is actually a tool to help you get what you want. Everything that comes up as the drama are the thoughts and beliefs stopping you from getting where you need to go.

Worthwhile goals make you feel uncomfortable . If you feel uncomfortable about a goal you have set - then its right for you.

So the first step is to expect the drama to come knocking - expect the brain to freak out.

Then you look to find the content of the drama. Why cant you do it. Why you can't achieve it .Whats in your way.Use these questions as tools to help you create you road map. Answer them and see what you get.

These are the very things you gave to work through to get to your goal. As soon as you have done that you have ousted the UNKOWN limiting beliefs in your brain.

The next part is to understand that feeling afraid is part of the process - being afraid of failure is the brain reverting back to evolution survival - it's trying to keep you safe. When you know that you will feel a feeling - when you expect it., you can then deal with the actual emotion rather than the shock and surprise that it arrived.

Then focus on the growth - who you are becoming to be that goal. Not just the end result.

When I was losing weight, my goal was a number, but on that journey I had to be a person that said no to second helpings, no to the third glass of chardonnay and I became become a person that went home early on Friday night so I could go to Saturday yoga.

Take it one step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

Brain drama is thinking about everything  that you have to do before you’ve don't it. So running the thoughts of all that could go  wrong before you actually take the steps dosen't serve you.

When you are willing to push through the drama you gain trust and competency. 

You learn to do new, things hard things. And then you create evidence in your brain that you can do new and hard things in spite of the drama that came with it. That you can push forward.

When the DRAMA QUEEN knocks, make her a cup of tea - let her blow herself off. Be the watcher - the observer. Allow your brain to be frightened, having a goal that doesn't scare up is not a goal. It's a to do list.