Today we talk about indecision, what it is, what it does and the impact it can have on your results if you aren’t dialled into its shenanigans.

Indecision is a feeling. A feeling created by thoughts.

I don’t know what to do. I'm not sure. I can't decide.

All garden variety thoughts that create the feeling of indecision. And what happens when you feel undecided? Nothing. Yes. Nothing.

When we are in indecision we are trying to decide which way to go in order to get something we want.

A decision is a path. The destination is the result. And when you can't decide which way to go, you stop moving.  And staying still stops you from getting to what you want.

Indecision is really just fear.

Fear about getting it wrong. Fear about wasting time. Fear of missing out.

Those thoughts create the illusion of keeping us safe. And that illusion stops us from seeing that we are just wasting time. 

 Losing weight is a great example of where Indecision keeps us it's b*#ch

I'm not sure what to do. I don't know what will work. I just don't know.

This kind of loop thinking perpetuates ongoing feelings of uncertainty. And uncertainty produces either in action or passive action. Do you know what passive action is when it comes to losing weight? Googling how to lose weight in three weeks. Watching the Biggest Loser. Subscribing to weight loss website and leaving the content in your inbox. Actions that don't lead to results.

Indecision makes us feel really busy. Like we are doing something very important. But it's not important or productive. It's just undisciplined thinking just consuming space in our head.  And it all feels very hectic

The way out of indecision is to take two steps. You decide. And then commit.

Release the fear of needing to be right. Because you will never know for sure. 

Commit to what you chose and allow the path to unfold.

Ok have a great week Maree xx

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