I will survive

I don’t know about you. But sometimes I wake up on a Monday morning feeling down or flat. I don’t really know why. But I am onto it. Some of it’s a hangover from many years of starting the week with "I'll start Monday." Bracing myself for the battle against me for the week ahead. I don’t do that with weight anymore. But the quality is the same. It’s me running my mental fingers through the week to come and the week that’s been. "What’s wrong, what do I need to fix, do better, improve and or avoid? Framing my week with my DIY self improvement plan. Why do I do this to myself? This is what I know so far. We are all programmed to survive. That's how we humans got to the top of the food chain. Deep down in the darkest pocket of our genes, our survival brain is always on the lookout for risks and danger. What’s wrong? is a survival question. Where is the danger? I also know our survival thinking has a negative bias. Which means survival thinking generates negative feelings or emotions that weigh in on the "scarce" end of the feeling plane. You can find this for yourself,  notice when you think a "What’s wrong?" type of thought the feeling in your body makes you feel like closing in. Scarce feelings are a notification that we are believing our thinking. Our thoughts are real - but not true. What makes them true is committing to thinking them. We are not in survival mode anymore. We don’t have to have thoughts like "What’s wrong?" to propel us. We can move forward, improve and develop without the scarce feelings as drivers. I have to remind myself of this. Yes, my life at times it feels like a battle. But it’s not the real truth. I deserve to be here. So do you. You and I, we both made the journey to the egg. Of all those little spermozas, we won the race, we got the egg. We deserve the prize of this life. So if you, like me found yourself feeling flat or low today. Don’t dismiss it. Just know that your survival brain is flexing its evolutionary muscle. Nothing broken. Nothing needs fixing. It’s all optional. You are good the way you are. We all are.   Thinking of you all today.

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