If you are sceptical about the concept of a weightloss coach - I understand. I was the same.

When I decided to train as a l Life Coach the last thing in the world that I would have thought I would become is Life Coach coaching people to lose weight.

As a Life Coach, my job is to help a client achieve an outcome - obtain a goal they have been unable to achieve on their own.

I'm trained to do this by showing clients what’s going on in their brains - to show them what they can't see, so they can get out of their own way.

Because anything we want, that we don’t have, s not a circumstance issue - it’s a thought issue.

No matter what it is you want.

My training - life coach training will gift any goal to any client (providing they want to be coached), including weight loss.

When I was training, I had an option to get certified as a Certified Weight Loss Coach, so I did additional training around the psychological, neurological, nutritional & hormonal behaviours to work alongside my Life Coach skillset.

I knew that I wanted to work with women like myself professional and over 40 who wanted to be proactive in the refocus and creation of their goals for the next part of life.

When I started that process for myself I found there were lots of women, like me that had weight as a hangover goal from the past that needed to be sorted out.

Especially women who were successful and high achievers in other areas of their life and careers. I became fascinated that this was a driver or rather a stopper for women moving into the next phase.

And what I discovered was having a goal to lose weight and not being able to was a massive emotional and mental obstacle for women.

Feeling overweight - or being overweight, really infiltrated daily life. Wanting to lose weight and not being able to is a daily, sometimes hourly reminder that we want something we haven’t got. It’s very personal evidence of failing.

It’s looking in the mirror, it's being uncomfortable in clothes, having sore backs and taking too long to get dressed in the morning. All signs that reinforces a sense of failure - because every woman I know that wants to lose weight, has a history of trying, failing, trying.

Recognising that this is a repeated, draining pain cycle to be hooked into, is where my work begins.

My area of expertise is coaching women who love food and wine - specifically professional women over 40 who have been struggling for years to lose 10kg.

Women, like so many of us that really enjoy a life where celebration and love is expressed through food and wine. But know that the way it is - isn't serving them. I show them there is a way to have both.