Updated: Jun 3, 2018

So why do we get indecisive? What keeps that dance between deciding and not deciding alive? Mostly, we are scared or have fear about making the wrong decision. Without being aware of it - we think that the consequence of a decision is going to be good or bad. So it's a thought around controlling the situation at hand.

Yet the irony is that not making a decision keeps us stopped. When we are undecided we are having thoughts like I’m not sure, and I don’t know. And when your thinking like that you are generating feelings of confusion, uncertainty, fear and worry.

And you know I’m going to tell you that those feelings will only be creating some form of inaction. And inaction doth lead to a dead end result!

So what can you do?

Well, heres how I like to look at decision making.

Trust the call to action you have to make a decision.

And at some point - something happens (internal or external - in your control or not) and you have to make a decision.

Acknowledge that, It's a good thing.

Set aside some specific time to look at both sides of the decision. And ask of each decision, the same question.

What do I think, how does it make me feel, what would I have to do and and what does the result look?

Check in with yourself - Each decision will create a set of thoughts, look at thoses thoughts with out judgement - then from each thought you'll get a feeling. Be still with those feelings, dive in and really get aware of what you are feeling - see if you can name them

If you the feeling all feel general - look to see if you can categorise the feelings as either feelings of expansion or feeling of retreat.

In my experience the feeling that feels expansive are indicators that the action and results are going to serve you.

When you have this curated list for both sides. Offer yourself this thought.

I’m making a decision with all the experience I have gained in my life as it stands, thus far. Then make your decision confidently. Just choose.

Decide that you will back this decision, fully, the way you back a friend. Prepare for doubt and second guessing.

Plan to experience a feeling of worry. Expect that on the path of this decision you won’t know what to do all the time. But know that you can make a decision and follow through - commit and see what happens - from a place of confidence rather than fear.

It's far better to be dealing with REAL unknown quantities than fabricated, un investigated thoughts that keep us afraid, in cyclic thinking without any actual outcome or result.

Making a decision means there you have started a process where you will encounter many unknowns. But that’s the experience of this life - thats what you sign up for.

Go on decide.

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