For those of you who are at goal weight and who have coached with me would know, this work is absolutely applicable to whatever goal - or result you want in your life.  It is exactly the same process and application. So come along for the ride. 

THE ANATOMY OF HOW WE GET OUR RESULTS - THE THOUGHT MODEL Coaching is thought work. Showing you what you can't see.  So you can get to where you want to go more quickly, more efficiently and at a much deeper level than where self coaching can take you.

For us to do that, to look into your mind I teach you, amongst other things a process called the Thought Model. It is a tool to show us both the workings of your mind (thoughts) through the lens you view life.

It is simple and it is intricate.

THE MODEL What you think about facts or circumstances. Creates how you feel. And how you feel. Drives your actions - how you behave. And that give you your results in life.

It is the way to look at any area of your life and get clarity on the mindset that is keeping you from getting what you want. Ill will detail it for you over the coming weeks. But to get started we wan to look at the thoughts you are having about your goal. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE GOAL YOU HAVE? When we create a goal - it triggers an avalanche of thoughts. The first movement of thoughts are often inspirational. Inspired by what we think can do - how great the results will be, what we believe we can do.  Then comes the second movement of thoughts -  the doubting and deconstructive fellows.

Think - how many times have you have dreamt up a juicy inspiring goal on Friday, only to find it waning by Friday next? Diets, gym workouts, public speaking, learning to paint, training for a triathlon, etc.

This thinking clash is called cognitive dissonance - the thinking dis-order we experience when we simultaneously hold two conflicting beliefs. And the bigger the goal the more conflicting thoughts.

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT YOUR GOAL? (This is you compelling reason and if you want to know how to create that click here for my free guide) 

I am going to commit to getting the body I have always wanted.I a going to wear those beautiful Sass and Bide jeans I have tucked away.

You will have a lot of thoughts about this. That will be so good. I can do that. I am really committed.

And then you will have conflicting thoughts.

God, I hope I can Its going to be really hard, This is going to be a struggle.

Part of your brain wants you to have that goal, but another part of your brain is looking for the reason against. These thoughts come from fear of being uncomfortable and fear of failure. If you don't become aware of these competing thoughts and beliefs You will more than likely, fail.

We think our thoughts are truths. But they are a perspective. When the brain creates thoughts against our goal - we have to find the awareness to question them.  You can question them, and decide if they aren't serving you, and then you can change them. Not in a mantra, tricky lala way. But in a practical, fascinating systematic way that will rewire your brain and by pass your blocks for good.

What you believe is based on your past. What you want is based in the future.


What is stopping you?

What is your goal?

What do you believe about yourself?

What do you believe about this goal?

What are the thoughts  that have stopped you getting this goal so far?

What thoughts would you need to have to get this goal. Ok - take the time to answer the questions and learn something powerful about your self.