How the law of attraction attracts weight.

In my weight loss practice, I teach women to lose weight using their mind. The very first thing they have to learn is that their thoughts create their results. Then they have to learn to believe that their thoughts attract or repels their results.

Intellectually it's an easy concept to accept, but it is a practice to bring it to life.

Understanding this principle is crucial to your weight loss success. So I am going to share it with you by guiding you through a series of teaching around beliefs.

I understand that over the years, you have done a lot of things to lose weight. And effort without result is sole destroying.

But I want you to understand that the reason for this is that what you do - your actions, can't and won't create your results.

Actions won't create your weight loss results.

Thoughts will create your weight loss results.

I know you may have heard me say this before - however its a concept you need to run over and over in your head. (Just ask my clients.)

Your thoughts create your feelings, and your feelings drive your actions. (Actions include inactions and behaviours.)

And that's how you get the result of either weight gain, weight loss or weight plateau.

Conventional dieting and weight loss are action-driven.

Action and no results.

(Weight loss, in my mind, means weight loss for good.)

Focusing on action requires continuous willpower, and because it feels so bad and so terrible.

It's exhausting and is not sustainable.

Your results come from your thoughts.

So you have to clean up your thinking to receive the results.

So how do you shift your thinking in a way that creates your results?

You go to work on your thoughts.

You learn to become aware of what you are thinking.

You learn to catch your thoughts, just like you catch a soap bubble.

You see it float past and you reach out and nab it.

Then you look at what you caught, and examine it.

And then you ask of the thought - how is it making me feel?

When you find that feeling (focus on one), ask what does it make me want to do?

Here are some of the initial recurring thoughts I hear from my clients that repel weight loss.

It's never going to happen.

This isn't going to work

One won't hurt.

It's not working.

I'll fail.

There is something wrong with me.

Any of them familiar? I'll bet.

Marry each of these thoughts with one feeling that comes up when you say the sentence in your mind.

And then think of the kind of actions or inaction that would springboard of that emotion.

I just want you to see for yourself, what your thinking makes you do.

Do this:

When I think............I feel............which makes me want to............which ends results in..........

When I think It's not working, I feel disheartened, which makes me want to try something else, give in to this, go and eat what I want, which results in..I stop doing it, so it stops working.

Find 5 of your thoughts and run them through this Model. Let me know what you see,

I'll help you with what to do with them in my next email.


Are you hiding in the shadows? Are you waiting to lose weight so that then you can step into the light? But you're not losing weight because you are stuck in the dark hoping for something to change?

Don't do that darling girl. Don't waste any more time. You got big things to do in this world. Let me help. I know the way.