When  my coach started teaching me the concept of future self I was a little dubious. It felt a little too "magic happens" for me to bring into my practice. 

I also never really got into the old, write a letter to your past self, idea either. It kind of seemed to basic to be of value.

But a couple of months ago I found myself flat lining in my business, and I couldn't seem to get out of the rut.

I had been working on a marketing funnel, new content and developing a new program and every aspect of what I was doing required me to learn something new. Which was taking up lots of time.  And in business, as you all know, the real boss of the show, is time. And she was kicking my butt.

And on top of that. Learning new things, meant there was failing at new things. Lots of fails. Lots of big fails. So time and failing had me in this crocodile death roll and I could not come up for air.

And on top of the, the actual lack of out put that was occurring, meant that the  mental abuse my brain was dishing up was like a scene from Fight Club.

Backed into a corner, I had to dig in.  I knew the way out was in my brain.  I was just struggling to access it. You know what pulled me out?

My coaches words.

What would your future self do? Go there and find out. And talk back to yourself.  Listen What's she saying? 

So I went there, I stepped into my future self, I went about 6 months in. Just a couple of days past one of my goals I was working on.  And she said.

Heeeeey lady, take it easy. Slow down, you're not thinking straight. You gotta learn this stuff.  And learning it properly will be an asset down the track. So just let it happen. It's ok, your brains doing it's best, it is what it is.  You got what you got. Let it learn, it's doing it's thing - give it a chance.  You'll get it - suck it up. You'll be fine. 

In that moment I felt the relief rush over me. I'm like, whoa.

It was great. She was great. Her words were great. Future self, she was just so great. She knew what I was up to. What I had to step through. She totally knew.

It was such  a great thing to do. It was such a refreshing way to reframe my thinking. 

 I realised the, I was actually quite familiar with  future me. It was future me that actually got me over the line with my weight loss. Finally.

She was the one that whispered in my ear. You've got this. Don't worry about before, it doesn't matter. Just try this.  It's all part of the process, part of what was meant to happen.That's why you’re here, your good. This is the way.

Future thinking - she had helped me out before. 

Future thinking allows you to access the part of you that has the knowledge. Speaking directly to the future self that has experienced breakthrough means we bypass the interference of survival thinking.  (Doubt, fear and lack) It’s a brilliant way to arrive. 

Things of course don't actually get easier, you just think differently about the way they are. And those thoughts will always come from your own brain. So access them now.

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