Are you aware? It’s such a great question. But like all of the great questions and sayings we have, they get overused, over printed and over pinned. And they mean nothing until you are ready to hear them.

Take for instance "love the skin you're in." Oh my God, I hated that saying, it did my head in. I was just like, "yeah yeah, WHATEVER, what a bullshit thing to say, that will never happen, until the day I'm skinny, so just show me the link to the diet, willya!"

The concept of "loving the skin" I was in, was way, way to foreign for me to get a handle on. I just didn't believe it to be true. I was completely unaware that that thought was possible.

I remember one day, had drunk way too much wine the night before and then eaten a whole lot of crap before I went to bed. I opened my eyes and the usual barrage of self loathing thoughts came pouring in, but instead of indulging, I just stopped, and there was this space - awareness of what I had done to my body and I was like, "what was that about, are you ok?". I had never ever spoken to myself like that, all of a sudden there was a stillness and a quiet. I remember getting up and going to the gym, but not for penalty exercise, to the sauna and the spa, I just did this nice thing for my body and my mind. In that moment, we became friends, as though I was getting to know her for the first time. I became aware of how I had been treating her, It was very humbling.

Now, I get to see it happen with my clients, after a few weeks they start to become aware of the possibility of identifying with their human self.

Not the"fat bitch" they had hated for so long because she couldn't lose weight. It's in that moment, the first step to awareness is taken. And it's a beautiful thing.

Can you see a place where you could take the foot of the excelerator of self loathing, just long enough to be aware of how you think about yourself? How you speak?

It's a royal moment, when you can reach through yourself to the other side, from abuse to awareness.