Ah....Easter I woke up feeling bloated this morning. First thought, why did I eat that? (Pizza +hot cross buns)   First emotion I felt for the day. Annoyance. Being an Ex-pro at overeating and overdrinking I know exactly what your brain will be up to this morning. We, women are used to feeling negative emotion after eating and drinking things, that at the time of consumption made us feel great. (That's that dopamine + desire piece I spoke about last week.) Feeling negative emotion (beating self up) is an unconscious insurance system to stop us doing it again. Except if you haven't noticed, doesn't work. That negative feeling state, if not interrupted will activate the Survival Brain. The Survival Brain will want to stop you from feeling bad and the way it will get you to do that is to grab a dopamine hit. And it will do that by starting to draft thoughts (feels like a an idea or gentle suggestion) to get you to eat drink again. F*ck it, it's Easter. I'll start Monday. It's lockdown, stuff it. What the point? Sound familiar? I'll bet. Notice how when you have those thoughts (say them out loud) the emotion you feel feels better than the annoyance or the frustration. Tricky huh? (Rebellion, relief, naughtiness, irreverence....) So let's redirect the mind by interrupting the think - feel - act cycle. Take a piece of paper and make 3 columns. Head each column with these titles.   And answer the questions. Easter Drinking & Eating What Worked? |  What  Didn't Work? | What l'll do Better? It's simple. Asking what worked - immediately offers the brain emotional relief. And then it occupies it with finding a solution, which the brain thrives on. And then the final piece engages your Pre Frontal Brain. (Planning and goal setting brain.) The desire to lose weight comes from the planning part of the brain - it recognises the unhappiness and discomfort carrying weight creates. We know that when we lose weight we feel lots of ongoing positive emotions. So we just have to learn how to redirect and manage the mind enough to keep interrupting that cycle. Then losing weight make sense, feels great and is really easy to do.   Stay safe. Thanks for reading. Maree Oh, and by the way

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