There are three hormones you need to get to know as far as weight loss goes. Insulin, ghrelin and leptin.

The one we will talk about today is insulin.

Insulin is a fat storage hormone.

That’s the guys who regulates how our body accesses our fat.

Too much insulin makes us insulin resistant which makes us fat.

When we eat our insulin raises.

When we eat concentrated foods like flour and sugar our insulin raises a lot trying to manage the glucose hit in our body.

The most important thing to eat when you are over weight is fat. Your own fat. Off your body. And we call it dining in.

You have food on your body.

Your body has stored fat so it has something to eat. When there is no food.

Like when we liked had to hunt and forage.

Pre drive throughs and Italian restaurants days.

But we never go through famine periods anymore.

We are never really hungry.

We eat all the time. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, snacks, dinner, desserts and more snacks.

So our insulin is always up. Dealing with and storing energy. So our body never gets a chance to access the fat on our body.

But we can manage that.

We can redirect our body to access it's fats stores - on our ass, on our gut and on our thighs.

The term is called being fat adapted.

And you don't need to do anything fancy to start the process.

You just have to stop eating for a bit.

The best way to do this is condense your eating window, sometimes.

For me during the week, most days I don't eat till after 2 pm.

I have coffee and a little fat - cream. And water.

And that's it.

This means that when I stop eating at night - say 8pm, I go to sleep, wake up and give my body all those hours, while my insulin has dropped to utilise the fat on my body.

I am fat adapted.

So I do not feel hungry at ALL during this time, generally. And if I do - I break the fast with some high quality fat or protein. Piece of cheese, nuts, ham chicken. And then I eat whatever I'm eating for the day.

But what I do find is my concentration is better and I have MORE energy.

Contrary to what you might think. Its not hard.

You wont die.

You won't.

Give it a try.

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