Damn brain. Damn brain.

Do you feel like you are in conflict with why you say one thing and then do another? So. what you want to do and what you end up doing?

"I'm not drinking chardonnay this week." "Here I am drinking chardonnay."

"I'm not eating carbs this week." “Why am I eating this pasta?”

To lose weight you need to know this stellar fact about your brain.  You have two thinking systems.

The limbic system which I shall lovingly refer to as your survival brain And your prefrontal cortex, which we refer to as your goal setting brain. 

Your limbic system is wired for survival. (From 200 million years ago to be exact.) This system generates thoughts just to keep you safe.

Your prefrontal system is wired to evolve you. This system generates thoughts to help you develop.  Such as goal setting, creating and result getting.

When you make a plan to lose weight  You are engaging your goal setting brain.

"I am doing Febtox." "I am eating kale and chicken salad."

But what happens 6 days into Febox? Or on your 5th kale and chicken salad?

Your survival brain, which has no future focused thinking at all. Interprets the change you made as really really uncomfortable. And reads it as a threat to your survival.  And in a bid to save you. Generates your thoughts which create your feelings (this is chemical) that make you feel like you should go back to the way you were.

"You know what, I don't think it's good to give up chardonnay for the whole month." "Its just been a really stressful week, I can't do kale tonight, I just really need pizza tonight."

And voila, the survival brain has intercepted the planning and creation brain and has stopped you doing what you intend to do.

This internal argument is called cognitive dissonance - a fancy name for brain conflict. That’s the conflict makes you feel like you have no willpower and are close to hopeless when it comes to kale and chardonnay.

This is why you feel so out of control when it comes to eating and drinking. 

Your survival thinking is being threatened by your goal-setting thinking.  It’s kind of like being scared of the dark. Turn a light on and it’s gone.

Watch your two brain systems for the next 24 hours.

And see who runs the show in your head :)