What are you consuming?

No I don’t mean what you are eating. I mean what are you consuming that tricks you into thinking you are doing? In this era of information overload we have so much to watch, read and listen to that we can be tricked into thinking we are taking action.

And in away, we are taking action, but it’s called it passive action. Consuming is passive action, an action that doesn't require commitment or focus.

Diets are a good example. Everyone's an expert on health and wellbeing, people are very well read and researched on what you should be doing. But that hasn’t helped them actually do anything about their own lifestyle.

Consuming makes you an expert but without the experience.

Passive action puts us in the passenger seat in our life rather than in the driver's seat.

Take Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. We are passengers on the authors journey. The driver - the author, the podcaster, the expert, the creator is doing the work, and we are just along for the ride.

We love the life these other people are living, it’s fascinating. So we keep checking in, consuming what they write, commenting, agreeing disagreeing - being involved so it sort of makes you feel like you are doing it too.

I was watching an interview on Nadia Bartell the other day - and she was in a glamorous outfit, at a glamorous venue, talking to glamours people. She's is great to “consume”. I went and checked out her businesses and enterprises, that lady is one hell of a driver - she is so not passive action.

Nadia is an example of someone that has taken consuming (fashion, shopping, beauty tips) and transformed it into massive action - doing.

She’s driving the whole distance, and where watching her do it.

So how can this post help you? Well ask yourself, where are you on the scale of consuming? How many people do you follow? How many likes did you hand out this week? How many must do articles do you save to read this week? What did you consume and what did you apply?

Ask the question, awareness is the first step. Pull over and get out of the passenger seat into the drivers seat. It’s a much better ride.

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