3 Easy Weight Loss Choices You MUST Consider Before Christmas Hits!

As my girls who work with me know, my philosophy around weight-loss is 100% based in thought work. Thought work is being conscious of what we're thinking because what we're thinking is the reason we're overeating and over drinking and therefore why we put on weight and lose weight. Understanding what we're thinking and why is critical to losing weight. Understanding what we're thinking and why is critical to losing weight. And it is soooooo much easier than anything else you've tried.

We woman, we always think we know exactly what we think. But we have 60,000 thoughts per day...that's a scientific fact! Most of those thoughts are unconscious but, here's the thing, we often act on these unconscious thoughts. That's why understanding what you're thinking is the only way to lose weight for good.

With Christmas all but here, the imminent orgy of eating and drinking is upon us. Before your weight-loss intention rides off into the sunset, I wanted to offer you a useful tool to use to practice your thinking.

We have three possible results when it comes to our Christmas/Summer Orgy Response. We can either: 1. Lose weight 2. Maintain weight 3. Gain weight

Somewhere in the back of our mind one, some, or all of those options are floating around our head unconsciously...except now they are in your conscious thinking. You're welcome!

So where's the power in that? Because they're now in your conscious thinking, you get to choose what you want to do. There's no right and there's no wrong...you just get to choose. What I invite you to do is make a clear choice so when the outcome arrives you understand how it happened.

Not sure what to think? One way to size up an undecided choice or thought is to see how that thought/decision makes you feel. The way to do that is to run a thought model on it.

Let me show you.

Circumstance - Maintain Weight Thought - It's possible I could do that Feeling - Thoughtful Action - I'll think about what I want to eat less of in order to eat more of, I'll drink spritzers before meals instead of full strength wines and I'll plan 3 days to have an eating window. Result - A good chance I'll maintain my weight

Or, alternatively, it might go something like this -

Circumstance - Gain Weight Thought - I'm going to gain weight Feeling - Resigned Action - Ignore my own eating parameters and eat whatever I want. Result - Gain weight

Can you see how getting conscious puts it all in front of you? When we don't choose our thoughts we get really confused about the results we have - like gaining weight. But choosing our thoughts (even if it's the choice to gain weight) means we're conscious of what and why it happened. Being in confusion about why we put on weight is a real blocker when it comes to getting it off.

So take a few minutes and think about how you'd like to think about the next month's frivolity...and like what you choose.

Ok, that's all I have for you till next week.

Maree xx

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