Guess what?

I have a way to

lose weight that doesn’t

involve willpower or sacrificing the

the pleasure of food & wine.

But it is only attainable to you by understanding how your own mind works. 

It's not what you eat but why.


Once I teach you this,  you will lose your weight for good.

Consider this.

How many diets have you tried in your life? 
How many have worked? 
How many could you stick to? 
Why did you stop? 

You are not alone. 

The conventional dieting industry is an industry driven marketing machine. 

The Australian Industry alone is worth 449 million dollars. 

But why doesn it work?

I can tell you why.

If you are always trying to lose weight, but nothing works, you are in the right place. 

This is how I lost 15.4kg, without giving up wine or Yum Cha. 

It is as simple as understanding how

your mind works.

You are not alone. 

Let me show you.

Why conventional dieting hasn’t worked for you.

Why you can’t stick to anything.

How relying on willpower to lose weight is stopping you from achieving your goal.

Why you feel like you have no control.

And how what I teach is so much smarter and easier.

Let’s start by looking at the facts. 

By the time a woman is 41, she will have attempted 61 diets. 
That’s about 17 years of dieting. 
95% of the women who lose weight will gain it back

& more within two years. 

But most women blame themselves. 
Not the process. 

We often put it down to the fact.

We think we know what to do. 

But we just can’t do it.

A lack of willpower. 



Because women believe the way they were taught, and that the diet industry is right. 

They think weight loss is about managing rather, battling the food and wine.

Struggling with the way they eat and they drink.

We have all been taught to think in this way.
I was taught the same. 

I battled with my weight & body image from a young age.

I carried it with me into my adult life. 

Always the battle between what I thought I should be eating and drinking vs. what I ended up eating and drinking. 

I could never reconcile what I wanted to do - or should be doing, with what I did.
But I kept trying.

For years.

And each round of attempts. 
Bought fresh failure. 
A renewed sense of helplessness. 

And the cycle of all of nothing, binge eating and loose drinking.

When I was not dieting I was planning on dieting.
It felt like I was thinking about losing weight all my life.
(Which I was.) 

But I had no results. Nothing to show.

I hated the way I looked.

I couldn't fit into the nice clothes that I had.

Beach holidays were a mental nightmare.

Photos created panic. 

Shame, guilt, helpless, hopeless and disappointment.

All part of my daily emotional repertoire.  

My confidence was in the pan.

What the hell is wrong with me?

I asked this question

enough times, that one day,

after another pile of money spent 

on another useless attempt.

I finally got the answer. 


Maybe there is nothing wrong with me? 

Maybe it’s the process?

If the definition of madness is doing

the same thing over and over again,

hoping for a different result.

That was me.

My name is Maree White, & I am a Weight Loss Life Coach.

I help women who are into self-development lose weight. Women who recognise it's their weight loss struggle what's holding them back.

I teach them how to lose weight by understanding weight loss happens in the mind then occurs on the body. 


It works because it makes sense to their mind, the very thing they have been working on.


It’s not what you eat but why. 

I show women how to lose weight without willpower, or deprivation and without sacrificing the food and wine they love. 

And we get it done for good.

It all started 15.4 kilos ago. 

I determined I had to resolve this debilitating problem. 

I was going to lose my weight.

There was nothing wrong with me. 

But I HAD to get out of this cycle.
Something had to change. 

And I went after it.
And 9 years ago I discovered change begins in your mind.
It's not about what you are doing, it's about what you are thinking.


I understood why conventional dieting had not worked. 

Why willpower was useless and motivation irrelevant. 

I understood the symptom because I recognised the cause. 

I learnt how to shift my blocks.

Do you know what that losing that weight feels like?

Have you ever allowed yourself to go there? 

Slipping into skinny jeans?

Throwing on a pair of togs? 

Dressing in the morning? 





It is possible.


RACHEL - How much have weight have you lost? 13.3kg.

How does it feel? Unbelievable. Never ever thought I would get here, it's taken 25 years! The unexpected outcome? The work and the teaching is actually life changing, it's changed the way I think about myself and all there area of my life. Would you recommend working with Maree? 110% YES. Rachel / NEW ZEALAND/ MARKETING & COMMUNCAITONS DIRECTOR

JENNY - How much have weight have you lost? 15.4kg

How does it feel? I feel younger for sure and little, I feel little and petite and I have never felt like that in my life. The unexpected outcome? The way I talk to myself, I didn't know I was so awful to myself. Comments about Marees Process? It's like like nothing you could ever expect from a weight loss program. Jenny / PERTH / IT CONSULTANT

LEANNE - How much have weight have you lost? 16.7kg

How does it feel? Life changing. The unexpected outcome? The unexpected outcome for me was just how much my life would change, not just the weight but outlook. Comments about Marees process? Nothing like I had expected. Better. Best thing I've ever done.

JANE- How much have weight have you lost? 22.7kg

How does it feel? Like crying : ) The unexpected outcome? I wanted to lose weight all my life, but I was never able to commit long enough. Maree taught me to commit to myself, to believe that I was worth it and to keep imagining that I could have a body i could love. Comments about Maree process? Life changing and not what you would expect. Jane, VICTORIA. SMALL BUSINESS OWNER

Interviews conducted 2019-2020 - names have been changed.

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If you are really ready to lose weight. 
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This is not just about weight, it's about relationships, it's about work, it's about family - it's the lot.

Because that is the way life is.

Everything you need to know to get from your BEFORE till your AFTER.

Curious but unsure?

Of course, you are.

Fear? Doubt? Disbelief? 

But just book a call.

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We'll have a look at your thoughts, maybe some limiting beliefs. 

I'll tell you what I see, and how I would go about helping you.

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We can start your journey home.

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