In a weight loss process that will liberate you from everything that’s stopped you in the past. On a journey of inspiration and support that guarantees a life-changing body and mind transformation.

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Perhaps you want to lose weight but you can’t. You have tried everything and nothing works or not for long. You are so sick and tired of thinking about losing weight you could cry.

Over the years you have probably tried it all. The diets, the apps, the shakes, the gym. But it’s all the same. It works for a while until you stop. Ultimately because you hate it. It makes life feel hard, constricted, frustrating, and lonely.

And at the end of the day, it all feels the same. It all makes the same emotional demands from you that you don’t seem to have. Willpower, determination, deprivation, and the ability to have no life. 

But you keep looking. You can’t stop, because not being able to lose weight hurts. It consumes you, you’re always thinking about it, always being reminded. You just want to lose weight, but you just can’t make it happen. 

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You've probably considered

You should accept your body and get on with it. 

Gastric band surgery.


Picking up an A grade strain of gastro for a couple of months. 

(You realize how dramatic that is.....but) 



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You possibly feel

Out of control, resentful, trapped, helpless, ashamed, held back, disappointed, embarrassed, secretive  & guilty.  

In a constant state of anxiety in the morning getting dressed buying something to wear.

Like you mean it when you say "I'll start Monday." (Every week)

Very alone.



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You certainly

Hide your body.

Compare yourself to others.

Avoid activity and social occasions. 

Eat and drink to feel better.

Feel held back by your weight.

Question your sanity.



What if...

You met someone who had been through the exact same weight loss struggle you had, but had solved it for herself?  

And was now mentoring people through the process she had discovered?

You spoke to her and she explained how your mind was working against you every time you tried to lose weight.  And for the first time in your life, after one conversation you understood why losing weight had been so hard for you. 

Image the sense of relief you would feel. Like finding the missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle.

In one moment that conversation ignited your belief, maybe you really could lose weight after all? 

Imagine confidence replacing doubt and helplessness. 

You could see life on the other side of your transformation. You allowed yourself to think, “ What’s possible next?”


What if you believed you were going to lose all your weight?

What if you could see your brain in a way that changed the way you thought about food and wine naturally?

And how about if you started to feel freedom around weekend eating instead of feeling manic and out of control? 

And you notice your desire to drink like you always drink on a Friday night started to dissipate?

And what is about if, “I’ve had enough” feels more natural to say than, “I’ll have another one?

How would you feel? In control, free,  empowered, or liberated?

What if? 

You had a coach that had your back? 

You connect with her everyday? 

She is your mentor and guide?

And you trusted her enough to relinquish control so you could focus on your goal. 

What if you fell in love with the process of losing weight, not just because you're getting smaller because of what it reveals about you? 

Are you inspired to know what that feels like?  

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Hi, I’m Maree, I’m the founder of the body mind model.

The body mind model is a weight loss technique I teach my clients to use so they can manage the naughty, unruly rebellious part of their brain that stops them from losing weight. 


A private, guided one-on-one weight loss coaching relationship with Maree White. A powerful mind mastery process for people ready to go all-in on their body weight transformation.


A weight loss journey guaranteed to change your life. 

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✔ 6 or 12-month transformation program 
✔ Materials and technical support
✔ Full access to Maree  in-between our calls via, private app,  email, text, and call 
✔ 24/45 one on one live zoom coaching calls with Maree for the duration of your transformation. 
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Here is what you will get:


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You will feel:


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You will pass through:


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The transformation will give you:

Extreme Self Belief

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Jess, 10 kg

I think my life has changed forever. For the first time in my life, I have just been to a pair of size 8 jeans. I never thought that was possible.

Stop. Hire Maree. She knows what she's doing. She will single-handedly change your life."

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Hello, I am Maree .

The fact you found me amongst all the other weight loss clutter out there, tells me that you are determined to find something that’s going to work for you. 

My work is for people committed to their own self-development and personal growth, people who want to take life to the next level, who feel held back physically and emotionally by their body weight. 

I struggled with my weight for more than 25 years, doing the thing over and over again, like it was groundhog day. I knew I had to escape. 
I lost my weight when I stopped listening to what was out there and started to listen to what was inside.  My body was calling out for help, my brain just didn’t know how to listen. 
The body-mind model process is the technique I developed to change my mindset so that I could get out of my way and lose weight. 
Simply put, your thoughts create your results. 
Applying this knowledge to weight loss has been nothing short of miraculous. If you've tried everything to lose weight, and nothing has worked, you are in the right place.

This process will change the way you think. It will transform your self-belief, unblock limiting belief systems and open you up to so many possibilities you never dreamed possible while you struggled with weight.
Let me take you on your journey of transformation. 
Are you ready?

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Tracey, 13.5 kg

"I've lost 13.5 kilos so far, I can't believe it! I can't believe the change in my soul. I'm more excited for my future now than I've ever been. Every aspect of my life has changed.

I couldn't be happier with the result. I highly recommend Maree and her program."


I work with people who:

Have 10kg or 25 pounds + to lose
Dislike conventional weight loss ideas
Haven’t been able to lose weight or sustain weight loss 
Have strong will with seemingly disobedient, indecisive, or rebellious minds when it comes to weight loss
Have done, value, or invest in self-development and personal growth.
Are open to new ideas, challenging beliefs, and questioning cultural norms

This work won’t suit you if you:

Have fixed beliefs and are unwilling to change
Want a quick fix
Won’t be prepared to relinquish other diet weight loss methods
Can’t take direction.
Won’t put in 20 minutes per day

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Adrienne, 10.2 kg

"Everything is fitting again which is exciting! I didn't realize how my mind is impacting everything that I did. It's mind-blowing. Do yourself a favor. You won't regret it, Maree's a legend. Go for it!"



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 Gen 18.2 kg

"My life has undergone a complete transformation."  Maree's process has changed my brain. I have control and freedom that I never thought I could have. This is cathartic, healing work.


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