Ladies, steady your glass.

I have some fabulous news for you.

Has weight loss been on your to-do for years, but you put on weight in lockdown? Feeling freaked out about Christmas and what the impending eating and drinking season is going to mean to your weight?

Do you just love getting caught up in Chrissy celebrations, indulging in all that delicious food and wine?
However, are you feeling a little uneasy and anxious about the fall out of all that fun? 

Especially if you promised yourself  2021 is your weight loss year and you really really don’t want to start the year 5 -8 kg heavier?

Then I have something for you.

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The Christmas Summer holiday period is the most powerful time to begin to change your thinking when it comes to losing weight.


You can have an amazing Christmas eating and drinking all the things and still be working towards your weight loss goal in 2021.

Yes my darling, you can have both.

There are 3 result options you have when it comes to your weight these Christmas holidays. 

  • Gain weight
  • Maintain weight
  • Lose weight 

Conscious or not, the thought you pick will decide your outcome. 

Most women put on 5 - 8 kg over the summer holidays. 

You can change that.


Eat what you want.

Drink what you want.


But let's think about what you actually want.


At the moment throwing back martinis and sparkling wine is brilliant fun until it's not.

Think about how you feel in the morning? Or the middle of the night, with the sugar racing around your body when you wake from the night horrors? 


And for sure standing over the 8 foot cheese table popping Cabana and crackers into your mouth likes its 1978 is easy. 

But we all know how that impacts the mood the next morning. How much fun is it getting dressed? 


And it only takes a week or two to feel permanently bloated and puffy. 

When putting on under eye foundation feels like troweling make up over a water bed, the silly season starts to lose its gloss.


And you know what makes it all worse, when you feel bad your self talk amplifies, then what do you think happens? 

You make yourself feel better by doing it all again.  


And on it goes and as. Australia Day rolls around you sure as hellbent to see the back of the silly season so you can finally get back to losing weight. 

Like you have every other year. 

I know it because that was me.


But it doesn't have to be like that.


Welcome. My name is Maree White I am a coach and the founder of Body Mind Model.  I pull woman out of the disempowering spin cycle of conventional diet thinking.

My jam is then to guide them through their weight loss transformation so they arrive and never go back.

 I have created this course to keep you focused inspired and on track towards your 2021 weight loss goal. 

How to Eat Drink and Think these Christmas Holidays.

This powerful fun video course will change is jam-packed with concepts about food and wine and weight loss that will change the way you think about weight loss for good.

 Each video introduces a key concept from my super successful weight mind focused weight loss program. It comes with a course guide that shows you how to apply and practice immediately.

I share some powerful tips and tricks that will make everything I teach even easier to apply and you get access to me in 4 live Q and A and Focus coaching calls. 


This is a great introduction to thought based weight loss, once you watch this you this you will never go back to the old ways of weight loss. 

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What is in this fabulous little video course? 


18 snappy bite size video sessions, an interactive success guide, daily practice prompt and 4 live  Zoom Q & A focus calls with Maree. 

  • 8 Key Concepts Eat Drink Think
  • Eat and Drink What You Want
  • What Is Mindset Weight Loss? 
  • Why Weight Loss Hasn't Worked in the Past
  • The Missing Piece: How to Change your Mind
  • Emotions - Food And Wine And What Drive Us
  • Vision & Mind Focus - Bringing Your Goal to Life
  • Aligning What You Want To Do With What You Do
  • Becoming a Woman Who Knows How to Think about Eating and Drinking to Lose Weight
  • Understanding Desire


Bringing together with grace and aplomb!

Daily Practice 1: Compelling Reason, making it sexy.

Daily Practice 2: Scales, not what you think.

Daily Practice 3: Drink Plan, don’t be scared now.

Daily Practice 4: What You Actually Eat , surprise surprise.

Daily Practice 5: Managing Your Urges, more fun than pelvic floor.

Daily Practice 6 What Worked, What Didn't Worked & What I'll Do Better, never thought of it like that did you?

Daily Practice 7: Sources of Joy. Because we all deserve more joy in our life.

"Presented by Maree White coach and founder of the Body Mind Model & the Journey weight loss teachings. How to eat drink and think these Christmas Holidays  is a great pocket sized video course that punches above its weight for value.

Each video introduces key concepts and applications from Maree super successful private weight loss program, the Journey. The course guide shows you how to apply the concepts to your own life. Maree shares heaps of awesome mind tips and tricks that will hook you in immediately.

Amazing value and will make a brilliant gift for anyone pursuing weight goals in 2021."



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