Are you ready

to transform?


 Weight Loss happens in the mind
then the body follows.
Let me show you how.

The thought that stops most women

losing weight?

I’ve tried everything

When you think that thought, I've tried everything, it creates a feeling of failure. The fear of failing (again) keeps you stuck. When you are stuck, you can't take action.

Except for thinking about all your past failures.

Which will give you more evidence of failure.


And what do you do when you think about losing weight and that makes you feel like a failure?


You got it.


Eat more. Drink more.

And what happens then?  

You put on weight.


So why do we fail at weight loss?

Not just you. 98% of all women.


Because we have all been trying to lose weight the same way.

Year after year

It might look different from the outside.

Packaged in a different way.

But it is all the same. 

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig,

Light & Easy, Noom, Fat Blaster, Tony Fergusson, detox's, Aitkins, supplements, shakes, injections, gym, CrossFit, running, sprinting, drugs and even lap band surgery.

They all do the same thing.

Conventional diet methods treat the symptom not the cause.

 The reason we are over weight

is not because of what we eat and drink. 

It’s because of what we think. 


You can think that you won’t eat a

block of chocolate on the couch after dinner. 

But when you do eat the

block of chocolate on the couch after dinner 

it’s your thinking that's running the show.

Not the chocolate.

You say you are not drinking chardonnay this week.

And then the next thing you know

you're putting the second empty in the recycling.

The wine isn’t pouring itself.
You are because you had a thought - no wine this week.

And then you had another thought that sounded better, actually FELT better and so you went with that. 


But without realising how your mind is working,

you end up blaming yourself.

This usually looks like this:

I have no willpower

I have no control

I'm hopeless

Thoughts like that

will inevitably make you feel:






What are you most likely to do

when you feel like that? 

Yes. Eat and drink.


If you want to change your weight you have to work

with your mind, 

then the body will follow.

And how do I know this?

My name is Maree, I’m a Life Coach & Mindset Coach. 

I coach businesswomen and entrepreneurs on how to lose weight using their brain.

I specialise in coaching women over 40 who love good food & wine.

 I teach and mentor my clients through a process I created,  born out of more than 20 years of

failed dieting.

Much bingeing & many tears. 




"Maree's coaching went above and beyond my expectations throughout the entire process. 

Our thoroughly entertaining and nurturing sessions delivered compelling, educational, invaluable information.  My life has changed. My weight went from 86kg - 71kg. 
I feel more in control of my future than I’ve ever been."

Tracey A. Physical Therapist. St Kilda


"There is no one quite as on the mark as Maree.

She is a world class coach. I can’t recommend ANYONE more highly for weight loss.  (Mine 13kg) She’s a champion for personal growth and health. Hire her and tell all your girlfriends who want to lose weight too!  It will be one of the best moves you’ve ever made…. Guaranteed." 

CLIENT - March 2019

Impact of Success


Think about how much you would love to lose weight?

Not just as a concept.

But as a deep heart centred private aspiration.

Have you thought about what your life will be like

when you lose weight?

Or are you scared to go there? 

Don't be.

That's how to begin to direct your mind.

That's how you set it on the path to success.


Think about what will change.

Think about the clothes you’ll buy.

Think about bathers you could wear.

Think about how that will feel.

Think about the self-confidence you’ll generate.

How will that impact your business?

Your relationships?

Your sex life?

What about the future?

How do you want to age?

Do you want to be at peace with your body or in conflict? 

What would open up for you? 

What are the possibilities? 

How much time would you get back

not thinking about losing weight? 

It's huge.

So take it seriously. 

My weight loss gave me the physical

results I had hoped for.

But it was achieving a long held personal goal,

one I had nearly given up on, 

that really transformed me.

It gave me access my self confidence.

And that changed everything.

It changed my life.

It will change  yours.

I know it.


Understanding eating and drinking is a symptom. 

The cause of overeating and overdrinking against our will

is our thinking.

Trying to win the battle with willpower and determination.

Will fail every time. 


Weight loss has to happen in the mind

before it can happen on the body.

For weight loss to happen in the mind.

You have to change your thinking.

But before you can change your thinking. 

You have to know what you are thinking.


But, we are so close to the problem we can't see it.

This is why weight loss is such a personal struggle. 

And why coaching changes everything. 

Let me guide and support you.

Let me help you navigate through

the things that have stopped you in the past.

Let me show you what’s in your way.


Let me show you how to create the body you want to live in. 

What Women Actually Want.


“I just want to be able to walk out the door, 

throw on a pair of skinny jeans and t shirt and be done.”


"I want to feel good in my yoga pants, I don't want the pattern to look like it's stretched over a frame"


“It might sound funny, but I just want to be able to wear a pair of Docs, 

a white singlet and tight jeans - like I used to in the 80s”.


"I don't want to freak out when our friends say, we're going to the beach".

"I just want to be able to tuck my shirt into my jeans and wear a belt."

(That you can see :) 

“I want to go to Italy and be able to pour myself into a pair of ridiculous European jeans.”


Women just like you wanting something for themselves, simple & lovely. 

Something they just didn't think they could have.

These are the results I get for my clients.

You can have them too.

You are in the right place.


If you are serious about losing your weight.

And you recognise that you keep spinning your wheels, 

and nothing is changing.

Consider working with me. 

If you recognise that  your mental health is suffering

And your quality of life is being affected.

I can help you.

If you feel like you've tried everything,

and you just can't get the results.

Let me help you.

Make this your time 

Put yourself first

And honour your goal.

Take me on as your coach

Let me show you how.

Work with me.

I call my work The Journey because that's exactly what it is.

It’s a 6 month weight loss process developed from my own

weight loss and wellness journey.

 ​It's a private, one on one, transformational mindset coaching method.

We approach your bodyweight transformation through your mind. 

The place where resistance lives.  


Based on psychology, cognitive behaviour, body science and mindfulness.

We unlock the blocks and limiting beliefs

that push your weight loss goals out of your reach.

I will teach, coach, guide and mentor you through the entire process.

 So that you can finally arrive at your weight loss destination.



Honour yourself, solve your weight loss goal for good.

Take it seriously. do it professionally, get it done properly.

 It's your body.

Your life

The stakes are high. 

It's time go.

Stop hiding

Stop spinning

Stop hurting

Begin your transformation here.