Self Expression.


"Maree's coaching went above and beyond my expectations throughout the entire course. Our thoroughly entertaining and nurturing sessions delivered compelling, educational, invaluable teachings and coaching.

My life has changed in many ways, but my weight went from 86kg - 71kg.

I feel more in control of my future than I’ve ever been."

ST KILDA |  2020

If your body weight isn’t representative of how you see yourself and you want to change it, but can’t. I can help. 

Food and wine are an extension of our life, it’s how we express and celebrate our creativity. 

The problem is our body is also how we express our creativity. How we dress, how show up, how we put ourselves out there and even how we have sex.  

Weight loss comes down to what we say we are going to do and what we end up doing. 

Conventional weight loss methods tell us what to do. Which is why it doesn't work. 

Creative people cant be motivated by doing, we are motivated by how we feel.

If you have failed at weight loss in the past because you blame your willpower, discipline and sense of deprivation.


This will be the path for you. 

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I can’t recommend ANYONE more highly. Maree is fun, super smart, unpretentious and someone you can immediately feel comfortable with,  no matter how vulnerable or fat you may feel. She totally understands because she’s really been there too. She’s a champion for women’s personal growth and health. There is no one quite as on the mark as Maree. She is a world class coach. Hire her and tell all your girlfriends.  It will be one of the best moves you’ve ever made…. Guaranteed.

VICTORIA  |  2020

Body Mind Model.



Changing the way you think about food and wine and how it shows up in your life, is so much easier than trying to change the food and the wine.


The source of weight gain is not what you eat and drink it's about how you have conditioned your mind to think about what you eat and drink. 


When you unwind that conditioning there is no need for willpower.