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Are you ready to use your Midlife Journey as a reset to take back your life, rediscover who you are and work out what you want and sort out why you haven't got it? 

Well lovely, you are in the right place.
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I can't tell you how many midlife women tell me they are questioning themselves and wondering what their life is all about. 

They tell me,  I'm re evaluating everything, my tolerance is gone and I just want to do my own thing. I'm sick of doing everything for everyone else, I need time and space, I want to work out who I am.

Souund familiar?

A 1:1 self-development coaching & teaching process for non conformist midlife women who want to work life out.

Well then my process might just be for you.

My name is Maree White, I'm a women's coach, and I help midlife women work out who they are, what they want and what stands in their way of having it.

Identity, Destiny, Gifts & Blocks is a one on one self development coaching & teaching program for women who want to use midlife to redefine themselves.

It's a special kind of self development  process for women who feel midlife is going to be the turning point to reimagine their lives. 

This process is to help you create the quality of life you want. To do that you need to work out who you are now, what you want and work out what's in your way from having it. 

Coaching and learning to self coach - which is what I teach you to do in this process, is about learning to understand the way you think and feel about yourself and how that impacts your life.

When you've been thinking the same way for 40 odd years, you have mental and emotional blindspots and belief systems operating in the background that keep you stuck. Feelings and energy that impact the way you show up in your world, the experiences you create for yourself and the overall quality of your life.

These thinking and feeling energy patterns block you. They dampen the way you see yourself, other people and the possibilities of your life. 

They create an atmosphere of scarcity, separation, inadequacy and doubt in your life where there should be abundance, clarity, inspiration and possibility.

Identity, Destiny, Gifts & Blocks is about making it happen for you.

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I discovered coaching when I was 40, during my own "midlife crisis" ( I did not know that's what I was having.)  I found it when my life felt totally out of my control. I felt like everything was happening to me and I had no power over any part of my life and I was lost as to how to get out.
I knew I had to believe in myself, I but I didn't know how to do it.
I did not know that my thoughts created my emotions. I did not know that I had control of my emotions and my energy, and that I could learn to change my thoughts.  

Coaching and learning to coach yourself is the most powerful tool you can have. Coaching taught me how to change the experience of my life, not by struggling and taking action but by feeling and taking notice. 

This work changed my relationship with myself.
This work changed my relationship with my people.
This work changed the relationship with my life.

Coaching has impacted the quality of my life in so many ways. 

I was able to reinvent myself and my business in alignment with who I had become as a coach and a woman.

Resolve my - not worthy - never be me - victim relationship with the world.

Claim my identity as a creative. 

Like who I am. Like really like who I am.

Not be put in a box as a coach or a woman.

Say no without needing to explain.

Say yes without feeling guilty.

I stopped being a perfectionist and consequently been able to Increase my output, productivity and creativity when it came to my creative work.

Owning my gift as a coach and not feel embarrassed and feel like I should play it down.


I've learnt to trust my emotions, by learning to distinguish my intuition from fear.

Cleared up my sense of separation and now belong to exceptional group of women friends who are all multi dimensional, givers, healers and artists.

Cleared deep belief systems that had me living life out of unworthiness, separation and the feeling of  never being enough.

Developed the confidence to collaborate with other female entrepreneurs.

Cleaned up my self confidence so I dont compare and despair and despair anymore.

Recover my heart in my 18-year relationship, where I really believed I was done. 

Clean up my personal integrity in quite a few areas in my life, where I had been looking the other way and creating destructive invisible results.

Reinvent myself and renew my energy.




I'd like to invite you to take a moment and think about your life and what would be possible for you if you felt differently about yourself?

 What would it be like to wake up each morning feeling calm and grounded? 

To trust that whatever decion you made today would be in alignment with where you are going? 

To know that even though you don't exactly know how you are going to achieve you have no doubt whatever you do will be right?

And what transpires is anything you touch just seems to work out?

What about the people in your life? 

Imagine a relationship in your life where you are always trying to impress, where your always trying to please?

Imagine having a shift where you were able to let that go. Easily.

And you feel super comfortable  saying no, when you usually you say yes. ( No toe curl.)

Imagine being able to hold space while you watch the expression on their face?

And instead of needing to tell someone what happend you just prefer to keep it to yourself. 

What about the way you feel about your relationship with life?

Imagine if you felt blessed? 

What would it be like to feel like someone or something was always on you side? 

And instead of feeling like the worlds conspiring against you. 

You have this sense that something always has your back. 

The idea that I am offering you might seem far out. But it's not. This is the kind of quality you can cultivate and the experiences you can have when you learn how to open up your blind spots and start questioning your beliefs. 

Find out more:



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How does this process work?

It's a 5-6 month proces with me working with you on your life exclusively together. 
If you have never been coached, or had a coach before it's a life changing experience. Working one on one changes everything. The reason most self development work doesn’t work is when you are work  on your own and  you can’t see your blind spots that you are trying to resolve. I am able to show you your mind and emotions and allow you to see what you can't see.
There are two element to this process.

The Coaching Process. Where I work with you as your coach. Specifically in session on the areas you want to work on.

The Self Coaching Process: Where I teach you how to coach yourself. This means learning  my coaching tools so you can coach yourself. This ensures that the you can continue to develop after the process is done.

1xMapping Session ( 55 mins)

18 Private Zoom coaching & teaching sessions with me. ( All 55 minutes)

Private communications access channel to me in SLACK.

Session notes
Session recordings & transcript

Weekly focus and practice. 

Private Self Coaching Workshop 


Self Coaching Curriculum

You will learn theses concept in session in application to your life. 

These concepts are also captured in the Curium Video lessons and are between 10-20 minutes each. These also come with Integration Practices - these are optional for you to work through, but highly recommended.


​Self Coaching Modules.

  • Introduction to Self Coaching - Skills to make change last.

  • Modern Day Midlife Conditioning

  • The Brain: Why we are wired to survive mode

  • The Model: Circumstances, belief systems, thoughts, emotions and the experiences we can intentionally create.

  • The Practice: How to consolidate your realisations.

  • Discovering your emotional suite

  • The Manual: Where your relationships go South and how to bring them back.

  • The Relationships: You, your life and the universe,

  • The Awareness: The steps you need to know.

  • The Charts: Introduction to the Life Charts



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"This coaching and the coaching you do Maree White, goes is beyond anything I could have ever conceptualise
I guess I never really recognised that the blocker for me in various a
reas of my life is a sense of not being adequate or good enough."


I don't give a *** if it sounds like a cliché. It’s the honest truth,  working with you has been such an amazing journey and to have such beautiful grounded support.I have had to reestablish myself,  I knew it was within me, I just didn’t know how just how to access it.


"I can’t recommend ANYONE more highly. Maree is fun, super smart, unpretentious and someone you can immediately feel comfortable with...... She is a world class coach, hire her."

"Midlife is a time to challenge your thinking and essentially design how you want to live. Through midlife and beyond. Maree was my rock during a difficult period of transition for me. Maree helped me develop a way of thinking that, in its most simplistic form, made everything okay. More profoundly I challenged my beliefs around self-worth and self-acceptance. I become curious about my thinking and how my thinking made me feel."

"After the year or two I’ve had, we’ve all had, working with Maree was an exciting no brainer and my gut feeling was spot on.  Three weeks in and I didn’t realise just how much I was going to potentially alter my life!  Jump in with both feet!! "
"I can’t recommend ANYONE more highly. Maree is fun, super smart, unpretentious  and someone you can immediately feel comfortable with,  no matter how vulnerable you may feel. She totally understands because she’s really been there too. She’s a champion for women’s personal growth and health. There is no one quite as on the mark as Maree. She is a world class coach. Hire her and tell all your girlfriends.  It will be one of the best moves you’ve ever made…. Guaranteed. "


Working with Maree was something I did just for ME. It was actually the first thing I have ever done just for me, and the first amount of money I have ever spent just on me. The one off fee was it, there was no “hard sell” along the way through, no “if you just buy this and that product”, “if you just sign up for another few years”, there was none of that. What I did not expect to like so much was how wonderful and indulgent it felt to have an entire hour a week (and more if you need it) just to ME. Maree and I could talk about anything. I never, ever felt in the slightest way judged by her. "

I needed help to move beyond feeling "stuck" and make progress on writing my book.
With Maree's coaching, I was able to see the areas I was falling short and not keeping promises to myself. Through coaching I was able to understand where I was holding myself back and not making progress on my goals. Maree revealed things to me that I couldn't see for myself, which was immensely valuable to move beyond my own thought barriers.
Maree is an attentive and thorough coach. If you are struggling with executing a goal or big project, I highly recommend working with Maree to help keep your focus and reach your goals."

BOOK  A CALL: 55 mins Zoom ($133.00 in gst refundable on program.)
REGISTER Your name, email & payment.
 Attached questionnaire. Submit. ( allow 10 minutes)
RECIEVE: Confirmation and meeting link and passcode.
MEET: With me - this is an initial reading and coaching session to see if you like coaching, we are a fit
and if this process is for you.




$ 4,400.00 ( Inc gst)


  6 months Returning Clients & Early Bird

 $ 3,850.00 ( Inc gst)


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