Life Coaching. Not just for loud Americans.

Before I started working with a coach I thought coaching was for rich Americans with loud voices, too much energy and first world problems.
I thought coaching was a super-luxury item that I would never dream of needing or having.

Not that I actually knew what a life coach did. I just didn't think one was for me. What would a chick from Shepparton do with a life coach?
"Just work it out on your own, dickhead."


This is how a country girl whose family has hit hard times would think. Battler mentality.

Work harder. Do more. Be grateful for what you get. Toughen up.
Work it our yourself.

Good strong Australian girl values, a belief system that reared a nation of hard-working, self-deprecating women.

This is the kind of belief system that held me back for the longest time. The kind of thinking I had no chance of changing on my own because I couldn't see it.

Limiting beliefs are the unchecked bank of thoughts that sit in the background running the show - or holding you back.

They are the thoughts that stop you from feeling confident, empowered, beautiful, happy, enough, worthy and all the other emotions that you deserve.

I suffered battler mentality for a long time, and its hard because you are always in conflict with all the situations in your life.

You think like a victim - you think you have no control over how you are, or the situations that happen to you or how you feel. You hope it "works out, you get lucky, you get a break."

The only thing that changed this for me was coaching, I got that opportunity because my brother paid for me because he could see past my emotional struggles to my potential. And he knew I wouldn't pay for it myself. (What for, I'll work it out, I got a couple of books?)

Coaching changed my life. Did you hear me? Coaching seriously changed the quality of my life - I am EONs away from the life that I could have been living if I just tried to work it out on my own.

It's true to say; I walk my talk. I am a coach, and I have a coach, and I get coaching, alot. And it will be no surprise to you that I am going to recommend to you, get a coach.

If you feel stuck or blocked if you are emotionally drained or you feel,
like running and hiding or punching on with your life, get a coach.


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