If you like would like to share the benefit of my work with other like-minded women I invite you to become an affiliate of mine.

I find that referrals are the most authentic way for me to share my work, and I really value the generosity and intention of past clients sharing their experience with another woman in order to help them.

As we know, the struggle with weight loss can be lonely and painful. It is also a private process for many women. Your recommendation may be the shift they need.


When you refer another woman to me and they sign up for The Journey you will receive a one-off referral fee of $200.00 or 2x60 -minute strategy/problem-solving session and follow up with me. 

Payment will be made immediately to you on full payment of the program or within 8 weeks if the client takes a payment plan. 

From time to time I will make a request to affiliate participant to speak or take an email query from a potential client, after a consult call. I  offer a $100.00 one off fee when they sign.  

You will be also eligible to receive between 10-15% in other future programs, training and events. 

Your referee  will also receive $100 off the price of the program when they mention your recommendation.

Affiliate registration requires you to submit a testimonial if you haven't already, once you have completed the program. Once I have received your details I will send you a confirmation email. (You can still receive these benefits while we are coaching, without testimonial)

I will also request your bank details.

If you’d like to have a chat further about creating co-promotions feel free to contact me at and we can make a time to talk.