I am a Life Coach who specialises in Weight Loss coaching.

I love coaching weight loss a lot. I love giving the gift of weight loss to women who are just like me.  A professional woman who loves good food and wine.


Women who are dying to lose weight but just can't make it happen.


These women, my woman, hate the fact that weight loss is the one thing, out of all the things they do, they just can not achieve.


It drives them crazy as to why there is such a heaving gap between what they want to do, and what they do.


But I understand. You see, I  understand weight loss implicitly. I know it like the back of my hand, I know what stops it and how to get it. 


Weight loss has to happen in the mind before it can happen in the body. 

You have to treat the cause, not the symptom.

I am a specialist at managing the fabulous minds of stubborn, headstrong, woman who are so sure they can't lose weight. 


I know how to guide the mind, coach the woman and get their results.

Because I know what waits on the other side.