Speak with Maree
Speak with Maree




You’ve made me see things that I have not properly addressed before, I know at times that I’ve subscribed to the ‘definition of insanity’ or I’ve followed a ‘white-knuckling’ method.

As a coach, I feel that you are so easy to talk to, I felt my emotional barriers drop when I discussed various life circumstances. This work has been like lifting away a burden.

Liza. Victoria


I have lost 10.5kgs off my body, and about 50 kg off my mind. Life-changing weight loss, life-changing thinking.

Jenny. Elwood


Working with Maree has been a very rewarding and enlightening experience.  She is particularly easy to talk to and her caring yet evoking nature allows you 
to share your feelings without hesitation.

For me, Maree taught me that our thoughts don’t have to rule us and we can let go of thoughts that no longer serve us, which is incredibly liberating for someone with an anxious mind. 

I have also witnessed first hand, the amazing changes she has made to a good friend of mine, who has also been coaching with Maree.

Mikey. Bendigo