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Ready to Rock Middle LIfe? 


One Selfish Quarter

One selfish Quarter is a program for women in their mid-life journey who want to take life to the next level.

One Selfish Quarter is about moving through blocks, creating change and calling in significant transformation. 

It is a high end, fully supported private life coaching experience.

A quarter of a year focused on your personal evolution. 

Defining and rejuvenating the self-concept.  Who am I now? What do I want? What does that look like? And what's in my way?



This program is about taking your personal power to a whole new level. 

I'll show you how to do that by teaching you to think in a different way. 

When you think differently, you feel differently, you show up in your life in a different way. 

 I will show you how to reframe your thoughts so you can show up in your life exactly the way you want.

You can be as big and bold or as refined and demure as you want.


This work is about dusting off apathy or inertia, it's about digging deep and clearing those nasty limiting beliefs and niggly self-doubts.

Together we will clean up anything that's making you feel icky or uneasy, we will find and attend to anything that’s blocking you or unconsciously holding you back.

We can work specifically on something you want to do or stop doing, something you want to create or resolve, or we can work emotionally or circumstantially.

Whatever it is you want - we’ll go there. And I promise you, you will emerge in three months time as a breath of fresh air, rejuvenated and invigorated about your life and what’s possible for you now.


 What frustrates people the most in life is making change happen. What grieves people is believing there is something wrong with them. What consumes people is trying to fix this. 

  The answer is not about what we are doing; it's about how we are thinking

 I've always had ideas about the life I would love to live and the person I would become in the process, but I struggled to bridge the gap between intention and application.

I did every self-development program/book/course/podcast I could find, but nothing helped me integrate the ideas into my daily life to experience the transformation I desperately longed to have. 

 Things changed when I did two things:

1. I worked with a great life coach, specifically on me, in my life, on my brain, clearing my unique (ahem ) idiosyncrasies, blocks and beliefs.

2. And she taught me to self-coach. She taught me how to apply the tools of transformation and manage my own, very stubborn, "I know what I'm like," mind.

 That changed everything for me.

I quit low-grade emotional behaviour and seeing myself as a victim of circumstance. 

I started showing up in life in a way I liked. I transformed my self-concept from being a person who would "like to, one day, that would be good" into a person who" always does, can do and will for sure". 

I was never like that before.

Being coached and learning to self-coach returns you to your power. It gives you the skills and the self-knowledge to free you from the constraints of your past. Life coaching shows you how to create results, and it supports you while you perfect the process. 

Past clients say my coaching has transformed them in many ways, such as:

  • Finding their true identity;
  • Shifting long-held limiting beliefs;
  • Transforming procrastination and people-pleasing;
  • Resolving emotional blocks including neediness, jealousy, resentment, anger and heartbreak:
  •  Developing emotional confidence, clarity and grounding:
  • Liberating their true identity and self-expression.

If one Selfish Quarter Sounds like you, I invite you to book a free Q & A call with me to talk about the results you want to create. It is a no-pressure conversation with me about you.


One Selfish Quarter Details.

What you get-

  • Private sessions with me each week for three months over ZOOM 
  • Session notes
  • Session recordings
  • Access to me during the process
  • Materials 

If you purchase before  25th September 21.

You also receive:

Bonus: The Manual Masterclass. Relationship Revamp Workshop

(2-hour live workshop)

Bonus Two: Invite to 4pm Friday Wine and Mind Club 

(4 - live Q & A teaching calls.)

 The Investment is:

 $2000.00 + gst + bf

(paid on registration). 

Once the program launches, this program will cost $4400.00 (+gst + bf)

Offer ends  25th September 21. We can start work as soon as you are registered.


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please click on the link below to book, or alternatively schedule a Q and A call.