About Maree

Maree White, BA.

Life Coach and Mindset Coach. 

 Her private coaching practice is dedicated to collaborating with men and women on their middle life transformation. She teaches her clients the tools of personal transformation. She specialises in limiting beliefs, emotional confidence & authentic self-expression.  Her work gives her clients the power to evolve into confident, fully expressed humans who know who they are, what they want and how to make it happen in the next and most important chapter of their life. 


As one would hope from a Life Coach, Maree has lived a boisterous and creative life. With a Bachelor of Performing Arts from VCA, Maree formalised her talent as an actor and performer. She continued her arts based journey from festival producer, director, interior designer, hospitality and now coach.


As a certified  Life Coach School graduate, Maree has evolved and cultivated her practice. She originally opened her doors as a weight loss life coach - her unique and unconventional coaching method winning her a legion of fans. 

She describes her methodology as Transcendental Thinking; based on thought work, philosophy, mindfulness and energetics. She is highly sought after as a coach; she bucks the trend of the coaching industry by preferring to work one on one with her clients ensuring their transformational success. Graduates of her work become raging fans.

 Her other passions in life include her Labradoodles, Lambchop and Jimmy Knackers, frequently seen lazing on the couch in her Zoom sessions. She loves philosophy, reading, design and interior design.

She is a mad cook, grows fruit trees, makes kombucha, apple cider vinegar and chutney. She loves people and hates social media. She really hates social media. 

She lives in Jan Juc Australia and married for the first time in 2018 her long time partner, Paul.