January 2020.

I am going to take a guess that some of you girls are feeling downhearted about your weight. You're probably making yourself feel bad over what you ate or drank over the last month. But please don’t do that. I've been through a gazillion Januarys thinking the same way. But thinking like that just doesn’t work. Instead, it creates a heap of unnecessary emotional suffering. That won’t serve you weight loss at all. Let me tell you why.

The thoughts that make you feel bad about your weight.
Are practised. And familiar.

Why do always sabotage myself?


Here we go again


I am never going to sort this out.


You’ve probably been practising these thought-feeling combos for years. 

I know I did.

What happens when you allow yourself to think like that. Is you activate your survival thinking. Survival thinking will find a “solution” to take you away from the “pain” these feelings are creating.

It will do this by offering thoughts that make eating food or drinking wine “feel” like a “reasonable or justifiable” solution.  Because momentarily when you eat or drink you will feel better.

Obviously, this is faulty thinking.  Because the over eating and drinking is what causes the original “emotional pain” in the first place.

Believe it or not, the emotions you need to feel to lose weight, have to feel good. 

Not in a happy daisy skippy way.

But in a way that serves you powerfully to feel like taking the steps required to lose weight.

The first emotion you want to create is the emotion or feeling of responsibility.

Responsibility is like clean energy.

It drives powerful action.

So you want to find a thought about your weight loss that conjures the feeling of responsibility. 

Allow the feeling of responsibility to surface in your body.

The thought that worked for me, the one that took me to weight loss was:

Whatever it takes I am going to work this out for myself.

This thought created the powerful emotion of responsibility. 

It cleared up my brain. And stopped me wallowing in NON-SERVING emotions like hopelessness, failure and desperation.

I put the weight on. 

I was going to be responsible for getting it off. 

Why is this emotion so important? Because:

Your thoughts (about your weight loss ability) create your feelings.

Your feelings drive you to do all the things you do - or don’t do.

And that is how you GET your (weight loss) results. 


Decide on a thought about your weight loss that summons the FEELING of responsibility.

Check in with your body, make sure you can find it.

Check in with the thought and make sure if feels authentic. 


Now ask what can you do, what can you plan, what would have to happen if you felt totally responsible for your weight loss goal?

++What are the actions you would take from this place? ++Forget the shitty thoughts that may try to pop up on the back of your mind. ++Focus on the thought that puts the feeling of responsibility in your body.

And go from there.

This is how you teach yourself to connect your thinking with your feelings.

And allow feeling to take you through the actions that will GIVE you the weight loss result you want.

I hope this shifts some of that negative feeling. Let me know how you go.

Thanks for reading.

Maree  White BA | Mindset Coach

MODERN WEIGHT LOSS | THINK THIN mareewhite.com | maree@mareewhite.com