This moment in time will be different for every human on the planet. 

The circumstance of Covid 19 is one we are all experiencing together, but individually we will all experience it differently.

And that’s because we all think differently. 

How your experience this circumstance is 100% up to you. 

We get to choose the way we want to think.

We often forget this is.

This is the single most important thing I teach my clients.

Your thoughts create your experience.

Your thoughts give you the results.

In between your thinking and your results.

Is the emotion you will experience

And the behaviours you exhibit. 

This is the time for you to really manage your mind.

To really pick and choose your thoughts.

 Covid19 is a Circumstance.

How we think creates our experience. 

We have  60,000 thoughts per day.

Each one of those thought will either serve you or steal from you.

So decide.

What are the thoughts you will choose? 

How will they make you feel? 

How will that emotion make you show up?

And how’s that all going to end up for you? 

Your brain will want to catastrophise. Think the worst.

And that will make you feel terrible.

And what will you do when you feel like that? 

Eat and drink all the things. 

But don’t do that. 

Don’t emerge from this a victim of your thinking. 

This does not mean that you shouldn't feel the spectrum of feelings.

It just means recognise that they are coming from your thinking.

And that you have the power to direct those thoughts - when you're aware of them.

Choose the best thought you can find that bring out the best result for you. 

Be present to your thinking.

Because that will make you feel better.

And great things happen for humans when we are better.

You got this babe. Be awesome. Be Rock